Combating crime in a pandemic: Unity walk organized to fight against gang violence

Combating crime during a pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Combating crime during in a pandemic is a challenge, but not impossible said Major Frank Winston with the Memphis Police Multi-Agency Gang.

Major Winston said national gangs began to surface in Memphis in the late 80′s.

Now, the city is seeing what they call hybrid or neighborhood gangs, which can be just as dangerous.

“The ones that we know of yes, they can, and they are violent in nature. They have committed some violent crimes,” Winston said.

Major Winston also said in the last three years members have gotten younger.

“We have to get back, and let these kids know it’s not about crime it’s about education, it’s about overcoming what you have,” Winston said.

Anti-violence advocate Stevie Moore who runs Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives agrees with Winston and said t’s about breaking the cycle and making a change in the community.

“Bring it all together. Let’s come together so we can all fight this on one arm,” Moore said.

In the past, Moore has held unity walks and has had the support of many city and county partners.

He said there will be another walk on February 27, 2021.

Stevie Moore hosts community unity walk against gun violence.
Stevie Moore hosts community unity walk against gun violence. (Source: WMC)

“It’s up to citizens to take charge of their community, you can’t be afraid,” Winston said.

Major Winston said his unit goes out to the community to talk with the youth and adults about a better future.

He admits it’s been difficult with the pandemic but they are still scheduling talks.

To have MPD or the Multi-Agency Gang unit come out to your neighborhood you can call your local precinct for more information.

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