Breakdown: Why it sounds quiet after it snows

Breakdown: Why it's more quiet when it snows

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - After snow falls and accumulates on the ground, many people describe the scene as calm or serene. Although the look of snow contributes to this tranquility, it also has to do with the reduction in noise.

The snow on the ground will absorb sounds, which makes it sound much quieter (even in normally loud city settings). If you’ve ever seen a recording studio, the walls are padded to absorb the sound and reduce echo. This is the same principle with the snow “padding” the ground.

In order for this to work, at least an inch of snow needs to be on the ground. You will notice a more significant quieting effect if there are several inches of fresh snow on the ground.

Once the snow starts to melt and refreeze, the sound will actually become clearer as sound bounces off the hard surface.

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