Pest control company seeing more rodents infiltrate homes during pandemic

Pest control company seeing more rodents in homes during pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - While many of us are isolating indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, rodents are starting to make themselves at home more often, according to pest control company Terminix.

“COVID causing some business to close, you have a lot more rodents that are prone to try to find entry way into homes,” said Eddie West Jr, Pest Control Service Manager for Bartlett Terminix Branch.

Eddie West Jr, the Pest Control Service Manager for the Bartlett Terminix Branch, said with restaurants throwing out less trash due to closures, more takeout orders and many other businesses closing for long periods, rodents are being forced to find new homes in Memphis neighborhoods.

West said they’ve seen a 13% increase in home calls for rodent infestations this winter as rodents look for a way to escape the cold.

“It has been one of the worst years in my timing here. With the increase in calls that we’ve had coming it, it’s just picked up quite a bite,” said West.

Terminix said you may be surprised how little space it takes for a rodent to be able to infiltrate your home.

If you have an opening the size of a quarter, nickel or anything big enough for a rodent to put the front of the nose in, then that rodent can squeeze its entire body through that space and get inside your home.”

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Rats and mice aren’t just finding their way inside on the ground floor either.

“They’re very acrobatic,” said West. “They can scale sides of vinyl siding, they go up trees. We’ve seen them from gable vents on top of the houses to whereas they’ve gone through sockets.”

Terminix said the best way to put up the “keep out” sign for rodents is to keep your home clean and plug up any potential entry points especially in attics, crawl spaces or around pipping.

And if you see any signs of rodents, such as droppings you’ll want to call an exterminator immediately.

“They are very very successful breeders,” said West.

To get a free rodent inspection from Terminix you can call 1-800-TERMINIX or vist their website.

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