Owner searching for missing African grey parrot in Midtown

Parrot parent asking for help to find missing bird "Bill"

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - His name is Bill. He is only eight months old and he has been missing since Saturday. His owner, who is desperately looking for him, says the parrot has never taken off before.

“I love him dearly. He’s a member of my family, just like everybody else’s pet,” said owner Danielle Fong.

That is why Fong has been walking her Midtown neighborhood on Mignon near the Vollintine Evergreen green line calling out for her African grey parrot.

Fong has a cage in her front yard with the top open hoping for Bill’s return. She has knocked on doors, put up posters, put the word out on social media hoping to find Bill who she suspects is frightened.

“Definitely terrified. He’s just a baby. I have raised him since he was 4 weeks old,” she said.

Danielle notified the zoo as well. But the birdhouse is not a building Bill would be able to enter.

African grey parrots are so intelligent they are known as “The Einsteins” of the bird world, able to speak up to one thousand words and speak in context.

Bill got out around 1:30 Saturday afternoon when Danielle’s mastiff Brutus was at her back door.

He flew in circles for a little bit until a hawk tried to chase him,” said Fong.

She says Bill made a break for it; he has never flown outside without a harness.

Paige Davis with Avian Behavior International says it is possible Bill is lost.

“It is really easy for a bird to get lost if it’s in an unfamiliar place,” said Davis. “So even if it wants to go home, it’s possible it just might not recognize where it is.”

Davis says getting the word out is the best way to find Bill.

Fong is offering a reward for Bill. She says he seems to prefer females. She adds he may be in bushes and if you can get close enough to him, put a towel over him and put your hands over his wings to hold him.

“I appreciate any help bringing my baby home,” said Fong.

Fong says he likes pine nuts, walnuts, peanut butter and of course birdseed. He also may be thirsty. So you could put some of that out to lure Bill.

If you see Bill, call his owner at 901-341-3360.

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