Dog survives shark attack off Florida coast

Dog survives shark attack

(WSVN) - A Florida dog owner said she witnessed a shark attack her two-year-old dog.

Ana Maña’s dog was rushed into surgery after the shark sunk its teeth into her leg.

“I really thought she was going to die right there in my arms,” Maña said.

She said the brutal bite happened Monday when she and her dog, Boobie, were playing fetch in the water near Virginia Key.

“There was a lot of blood in the water. It was like a trail of blood,” Maña said.

All of the sudden, a bull shark grabbed her dog and tore through her leg.

“She was screaming in so much pain,” Maña said.

Maña’s friend Angelica Mousset was also there and saw the shark strike.

“I grabbed a towel as soon as I could, like, first instinct: towel, wrap her. I grabbed the towel as fast as I could, and I wrapped her up,” Mousset said.

They rushed the dog to Miami Veterinary Specialists in southwest Miami-Dade, where she underwent surgery.

“They had to rebuild her leg because the shark did get through the joint. It opened up the knee joint. Her muscles were torn apart, her tendons, her arteries, everything was just chewed by the shark,” Maña said.

Boobie is all stitched up and beginning her long road to recovery.

Doctors said she will need at least $15,000 to cover medical costs and physical therapy.

Maña said with the pandemic taking a toll on her finances, she doesn’t think she can foot the bill.

She has set up a GoFundMe page for Boobie’s recovery.

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