First Alert Weather Day: The heaviest snow will fall today & coldest temperatures tonight

Winter storm in the Mid-South - 9:40 update

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Most of the Mid-South is covered in ice and snow and a lot more will continue to fall today. The Winter Storm Warning continues and will expire at midnight Tuesday and until then, here is what to expect.

Snow and sleet showers will continue and will pick up in intensity at times. A few areas in North Mississippi will hang on to a snow sleet mix a little longer before making the transition to all snow.

Noon Snow & Sleet
Noon Snow & Sleet (Source: WMC First Alert Wx)

Temperatures will range from 10-19 degrees. Wind chills will be in the single digits to feeling like below zero. Later this afternoon all of the Mid-South will transition to snow.

Futurecast 3 PM
Futurecast 3 PM (Source: WMC First Alert Wx)

Heavy snow will be likely in the afternoon and will gradually taper off from west to east starting around 3 p.m.

Snow exits
Snow exits (Source: WMC First Alert Wx)

By 5 p.m. the snow will exit most of the Mid-South but there could be a few flurries that linger into early Tuesday.

Snow potential-Mid-South
Snow potential-Mid-South (Source: WMC First Alert Wx)

There will be a wide range of totals but most areas will pick up between 5-9″ with some higher amounts possible and lower amounts possible for those areas in west Tennessee and north Mississippi closer to the Tennessee River Valley.

Tonight we will feel the coldest temperatures with lows falling to near four degrees in Memphis but ranging from zero up to four for West Tennessee.

Lows tonight
Lows tonight (Source: WMC First Alert Wx)

Actual temperatures could fall below zero in a few areas in north Mississippi overnight.

Eastern Arkansas lows
Eastern Arkansas lows (Source: WMC First Alert Wx)

Several spots could fall below zero in eastern Arkansas overnight. Snow is going to stay around for a while as temperatures stay below freezing. Another winter storm system will bring snow and sleet to the Mid-South Wednesday and Thursday. We do get a dry day in between on Tuesday but it will be mainly cloudy and temperatures will stay below freezing.

Snow won’t start to melt until we head into the weekend as highs will finally rise above freezing on Saturday!

Stay with the WMC First Alert Weather Team. We will bring you the latest details on our next winter storm that will arrive Wednesday and Thursday so please stay weather aware and keep checking in for updates which you can also follow on the WMC weather app.

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