National Guard activated in Arkansas to help drivers

Arkansas National Guard helps motorists

ARKANSAS (WMC) - Arkansas governor, Asa Hutchinson, activated members of the Arkansas National Guard to help drivers during snowstorms across the state.

More than 100 guardsmen are in action around Arkansas, helping state police clear car crashes and wrecks while looking for stranded drivers.

This is to ensure they have enough personnel to handle the higher call volume because of the winter weather and snowstorms.

Guardsmen are cautioning people not to drive if they can help it.

“For the most part, people are staying off the road. But there are still quite a few out there. We are asking that everyone try to stay off the roads if they can. Don’t get out unless it’s an absolute emergency because the roads are very hazardous,” said Arkansas National Guardsman, Aaron Turner.

The biggest advice guardsmen had for drivers is to drive slowly if they absolutely have to drive.

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