Unusual Mid-South snow causing costly roof damage

Unusual Mid-South snow causing costly roof damage

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - This week’s unusual snowfall is taking a toll on roofs and causing damage all across the Mid-South.

Snow-piled rooftops are leading to what could be thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“The phone’s ringing off the hook with people with this ice problem and I’m sure roofers are getting thousands of calls right now,” said Brian Elder, owner of Brian Elder Roofing.

Elder said Thursday morning he received almost100 calls about snow on roofs and damage to ceilings.

“Snow accumulates on the roof and as it melts, heat rises from your heater inside and it starts melting the snow from below and it has nowhere to go but inside your house,” he said.

Elder said this usually happens in what’s called a “roof to wall transition” where the roofing meets the siding.

Water gets in through there and can cause hardwood floor and ceiling damage to your home.

He said there’s not much that can be done until the snow starts to melt.

“If I can scrape the roof off without endangering myself I do so. In the other cases I just advise that they just protect their floors and their furniture,” said Elder.

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