Plows turn attention to connector streets heading into the weekend

Memphis Public Works director gives update on winter weather response

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The sun was out Friday and the snow started melting, but roads are still far from ideal in Memphis.

Memphis Public Works Director Robert Knecht gave an update on the city’s response Friday, saying crews have plowed more than 800 miles of major roads in Memphis.

Now the challenge is clearing more than 6,000 miles of minor connector streets.

Knecht says the city’s 14 plows are working their way onto side streets now that the sun is finally hitting the pavement. He says it’s making the snow easier to move too, but there are challenges for smaller streets still smothered in snow.

City of Memphis working to clear smaller streets

One thing that will help road crews clear your street faster -- move your cars off the street.

“If you can move it off the street and into your driveway, that would be best,” said Knecht.

He says flooding and potholes are a concern in the coming days, especially on side streets where snow from major roads ended up.

Knecht thanked all of Memphis’ Public Works employees and TDOT for their tireless work during the storm. He says once the side streets are clear, the city will repair and prepare the equipment for any other winter weather.

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