ER sees more snow-related injuries

Hospitals seeing increase in weather-related injuries

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Several inches of snow and sleet made its way to the Mid-South this week.

For some, that means fun outdoor activities, but experts say you have to be careful and practice safety first.

“It’s all fun and games until it’s not,” said Dr. Sweeti Jain from Baptist Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Jain said they’ve seen a number of weather-related injuries come through the doors this week after several inches of snow hit the Mid-South.

“We have seen a few shoulder and clavicle fractures as well as a lot of ankle sprains from falling and slipping on ice,” she said.

It’s important to dress properly for the weather and appropriately for the activity.

“We have seen a few incidents related to sledding where children are not wearing adequate headgear,” said Dr. Jain.

Dr. Jani said this time of year, they also see an increase in car crashes and in some cases crashes involving poorly restrained children.

Although there haven’t been any weather-related deaths at Baptist Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jani said she’s aware of the Nashville-area boy who died in a sledding accident after being pulled by an ATV.

“Unfortunately with road conditions being the way that they are it is difficult to predict what is under that layer of snow and so at any point in time a car can lose control, a sled can lose control.” :16

Here are some safety tips from Dr. Jani:

  • Children should wear helmets while sledding.
  • Choose a hill that’s safe, doesn’t have too many objects around and isn’t too steep.
  • Wear the proper shoes and clothing to stay warm.
  • And always, properly secure your child in a car.

“We want to remember the snowstorm of 2021 as a positive experience and the most important thing that you can do is to prevent injury and stay safe and warm,” said Dr. Jani.

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