Many across Shelby County suffer from little to no water access

Many across Shelby County have little to no water access

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Friday MLGW stated they do not have any plans to shut off residential water services, but that doesn’t answer the number one question residents have, which is, when will things go back to normal?

Residents living in the Idlewild 45 apartments said it’s been a cold few days.

“The heat is completely out, there’s no hot water and the water pressure is really low so we can’t do dishes or take a shower,” Lexi Bean said.

Bean said things have been like this since Monday night.

“It was so cold last night I just couldn’t get warm,” Gail Mathes said.

Both Bean and Mathes said management has provided few answers.

“They didn’t tell us when it would be up and running and they haven’t helped us at all,” Bean said.

Part of the issue is that no one has those answers yet.

Memphians experiencing water pressure issues as MLGW repairs busted lines

“Our pressures are not at the point yet where we can say that the system has fully recovered, we don’t think that’s going to be the case for at least through the weekend and may be into early next week,” President and CEO of MLGW, JT Young said.

Bean and Mathes aren’t the only ones going through this, many residents living in high rises are having the same issues as well as residents living in senior care facilities.

WMC Action News 5′s Briseida Holguin talked with family members who have taken their loved ones out of senior care facilities because of the lack of heat and water.

“So our water has been out since Tuesday,” said Mattie Hullom.

Hullom lives in Latham Terrace, a senior community.

“Do you have water to flush your toilet? No, we’ve been, I’ve been going out getting snow melting it down to flush the toilet,” Hullom said.

And, on top of that, Hullom said the building flooded on the first and second floor.

Her frustration is with management and their poor communication.

“No one has even offered to bring us any water or anything, and like I said, I’ve been trying to get out myself,” Hullom said.

Hullom is thankful she has family to go stay with but she said that’s not the case for many.

“There are people that I’ve talked to this morning that are saying, ‘What are we doing to do? We have no water, we can’t get out and get any,” Hullom said.

We reached out to Latham Terrace regarding this matter, but have not heard back.

For residents like Hullom the boil water advisory MLGW has issued is on the back of their mind because they don’t even have access to water.

MLGW has said until the system recovers low water pressure will be an issue that will linger through the weekend and maybe into early next week.

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