Search for bottled water begins after MLGW issue boil water advisory

Bottled water sold out at Memphis stores

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Now that MLGW has issued a boil water advisory people are out looking for bottled water.

WMC Action News 5 Janice Broach checked around the city at various businesses that sell bottled water. Many of the businesses if not all of them are out of plain bottled water.

WMC did find flavored water but there’s not very much of it.

“Very frustrating cause I done been to 3 stores. This is the third store. I can barely get bread. We’re looking for milk but we’re trying to find water. It’s hard to keep boiled water. There’s six of us in the house,” said Leslie Bell.

Bell was shopping at Cash Saver in Midtown and yes, most of the bottled water is gone.

There are some small bottles of water but that won’t last long.

There is plenty of bread but eggs and milk are getting low.

Cash Saver, which was packed with shoppers Friday said it has a truckload of water but the driver can’t make it because of the snowy, icy roads.

Judith Hammond thought she had a solution for the lack of water in stores.

“We had ordered water online and they couldn’t deliver it because of the weather, so we have drunk all our water except what we boil,” said Hammond.

The search has also been tough for others like Kim Smith.

“I have not found no water,” she said. “I got a package of water at home. But I have not been able to find water in the stores. It’s been awful.”

Kroger, like some other stores, said they are expecting trucks of bottled water Saturday.

But other stores said their trucks are stuck and can’t get in until next week.

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