City of Memphis distributes 100,000 bottles of water

Memphians line up for free water from the city

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The City of Memphis and the Memphis City Council distributed more than 100,000 bottles of water on Sunday.

The bottled water went to MLGW customers in the city.

For the first time, MLGW issued a boil water advisory on Friday due to freezing weather, which caused several line breaks and water production issues that resulted in low pressure in its drinking water system.

Carloads of Memphians lined up at several different locations across the city on Sunday to a case of bottled water, which the City of Memphis and Memphis City Council distributed.

It comes as MLGW’s boil water advisory remained in effect and grocery store shelves normally stocked with bottled water sit empty.

“For some people it’s a lifeline because they weren’t able to get water and we’re able to provide it,” said Memphis City Council member Rhonda Logan. “We know our city has been under a lot of challenges as it relates to our water and we just wanted to help where (we) can.”

MLGW said its crews continue to work around the clock to fix water lines and water pump breaks.

“What we’ve experienced over the last several days is really unprecedented,” said J.T. Young, MLGW’s president and CEO.

Memphians like Joyce Taylor remain optimistic.

“Memphis, Lights, Gas and Water is going to get it fixed soon,” said Taylor, who picked up a case of water the City was distributing at the Raleigh Civic Center. “God is going to take care of us. Don’t worry. If we don’t get water today, we’ll get some very soon.”

The City also delivered more than 27,000 bottles of water to Christ Missionary Baptist Church, Healing Center Church and Neighborhood Christian Centers.

Another 22,464 bottles were delivered to the Memphis Housing Authority, the city said.

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