MLGW says water crisis improving, asks customers to continue conserving

Calls to conserve water across Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - MLGW says things continue to improve with the water issues in Memphis and Shelby County, but the boil water advisory remains in effect until further notice.

MLGW leaders say the water pressure across the system has improved dramatically, but it’s still not where it should be.

That’s why they continue to ask people to conserve water and they are urging people not to wash their cars.

Memphis water pressure improves

MLGW President and CEO J.T. Young has been comparing the water system in Memphis and Shelby County to a patient in the ICU.

Young told Memphis City Council members on Tuesday that the “patient” had improved.

“I believe today we’re moving this patient to a more stable location. They’re no longer in ICU,” said Young.

But the patient is not back to normal quite yet.

MLGW leaders say while water pressure has improved across the system, it’s still not in the operational range.

“However, the complaints as far as low water pressures are going down and as the game goes on, we expect the pressures to continue to rise and get us back on our feet pretty quickly,” said Nick Newman, MLGW’s vice-president of engineering and operations.

The boil water advisory remains in effect and MLGW is still urging people to conserve water.

They’re also strongly urging people to wait until the water crisis is over before washing their cars, something many have been waiting to do ever since the snow melted.

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City Council members Patrice Robinson and Cheyenne Johnson introduced a resolution Tuesday afternoon to require all car wash facilities to cease operations until things are back to normal.

Young says that should be soon.

“We should be within the next couple of days, we may have some good news about that conservation issue that we have in place right now, as well as the boil water advisory,” said Young. “So, I would just ask everyone to stay tuned. But things are looking much better.”

MLGW says an area in the northern part of the county remains without water.

They say crews are looking into that and should be able to diagnosis the problem soon.

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