MLGW customers asked to conserve water until Friday afternoon

MLGW lifts boil water advisory

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - After a week of having a boil water advisory in place MLGW has lifted it, but they are asking everyone to continue conserving water until Friday.

“Good news today, as effective immediately the precautionary boil water advisory has been lifted,” MLGW CEO JT Young said.

Young went on to say all tests came back showing no contamination.

MLGW lifts Boil Water Advisory

The utility is still asking residential and commercial customers to continue conserving water. “We just ask that you continue your conservation efforts, if you will, if you can through 10am tomorrow,” Young said.

For customers seeing an increase on their bills, Young asks them to give the company time to set up an adjustment process.

“We’re going to ask customers not to call us for that because we’re going to implement an automatic process that’s going to we think take care of that, we’ll announce more details,” Young said.

At this time MLGW says no customers should have an issue with low water pressure and say if you have any leaks to call them. They also recommend you “flush out your system” by running your faucets for two minutes, you’ll notice the same will be done with fire hydrants.

“What you should do is flush your line, turn your faucet on and start at the highest point in your house so if you have an upstairs start there flush that for two minutes,” Vice President of Engineering and Operations for MLGW Nick Newman said.

They also recommend you dump out the next several batches of ice and if you see a red tint while running your faucet Newman said that is normal and is due to iron.

MLGW reports 135 water mains ruptured in the aftermath of the winter storms, with 14 still being repaired.

While the issues were a result of the extreme weather, utility leaders said they have a $186 million five year plan in the works to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

“We are in a five-year plan, we’re into the five-year plan for placement of some of these older facilities, working on our pumping stations and that work is ongoing, we’ve started on that, we’ve got more well drilled,” Newman said.

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