Hit and run crashes increasing in Memphis this year

Hit and run crashes increasing in Memphis this year

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Pedestrian hit and runs in Memphis are already higher than last year and it’s only March.

One man WMC Action News 5 spoke to said he’s learned his lesson after a deadly hit and run earlier this week.

“I didn’t see anything but about 6 police cars,” said Sherman Chipley.

But he knew why the police were at Jackson and Brighton Wednesday night just before eight.

Two people were hit by a vehicle as they crossed Jackson Avenue.

One pedestrian died and the other was taken to the hospital, according to police,

The driver of the white SUV took off and it became a wake-up call for Chipley.

“I always crossed it. I live right around the corner there and instead of coming to the light here, I would there. But I won’t never do it no more as long as I live,” said Chipley.

Just down the road at Jackson and near Wales there was another deadly hit and run February 23.

It’s happening around the city.

On Monday, another hit and run near Berclair Elementary.

Witnesses said a man was hit and dragged about 100 yards.

The driver took off but the victim survived.

On February 3, a pedestrian who survived was hit on I-240.

Police said last year there were 14 pedestrian hit and runs.

So far this year, 17 pedestrians were hit and the drivers took off.

The figures we have from police in 2019 and 2020 show pedestrian fatalities increased from 41 in 2019 to at least 58 in 2020.

These figures reflect a nationwide trend during the pandemic.

Experts aren’t sure why but speculate fewer drivers on the road has meant people are driving faster and recklessly.

It is so something Chipley knows is true.

“They drive through here like a bat out of you know what,” he said.

Police are trying to solve several hit and runs involving pedestrians.

If you know anything call Crimestoppers at 901-638-CASH.

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