SCS host town hall meeting ahead of 6th-12th graders return to classrooms Monday

SCS host town hall ahead of 6th-12th graders return to classrooms Monday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Shelby County Schools has completed one full week of in-person learning, and the district’s gearing up for round two when 6th through 12th graders return.

During about an hour-long virtual town hall meeting Saturday evening, Shelby County School leaders once again went over safety procedures and answered parents’ questions.

They also talked about what they learned during the first full week back to in-person learning for elementary students.

Temperature checks, hand washing and mask breaks are just a few procedures teachers and students have to fit into their day now that Shelby County Schools has returned to in-person learning.

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“I saw teachers constantly cleaning as students were entering and exiting the classrooms,” said Dr. Angela Whitelaw, Deputy Superintendent of Schools and Academic Support.

During Saturday’s virtual town hall meeting, district leaders answered parents’ questions like whether or not students would be changing classrooms throughout the day.

They say it depends on the school and how much space it has, and how many students will be learning in person.

In a video message to parents Friday, SCS superintendent Dr. Joris Ray sent a message reminding parents of safety practices:

“If your child is sick, please keep them home from school and seek consultation from a medical professional. We rely on our families to reinforce proper mask-wearing, hand washing, and social distancing,” he said.

Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations Dr. John Barker said during the town hall, COVID-19cases are reported to the state every Friday.

“What I do is I report those numbers to the state,” said Baker. “And we’ve had more staff than students because staff had been in buildings. Right now we’re starting to pick up a few student cases.”

Barker did not say where transmission occurred and when the student cases were first reported.

He did say they are working with the Shelby County Health Department regarding contact tracing.

Along with providing PPE to students, district leaders say they’ve changed air filters in schools to improve air quality.

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The district reported that 30 percent of students opted to return to school in person.

All students, whether in person or at home will continue their lesson through Microsoft teams.

Students who ride the bus to are being asked to space out and wear their masks on the bus as well.

During the town hall meeting, district leaders reminded parents social distancing and mask-wearing is even important while waiting for the bus too.

Grades 6 through 12th willl return to the classroom Monday.

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