Memphis International Airport gives safety tips for traveling during spring break

Health and safety precautions when traveling for spring break

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Thousands are expected to travel out of Memphis for spring break. Health officials and Memphis International Airport officials weighed in on what travelers should do to stay safe.

The CDC said fully vaccinated people can gather together mask-free, but that does not mean they should do away with their masks for good.

Deputy Director of the Shelby County Health Department David Sweat, said during a task force news conference on Tuesday, “Whenever you’re in public, whenever you’re in transit, whenever you’re on an airplane, on a bus, on a train you’ve got to wear a mask at all times.”

It is important advice for folks who plan to fly out of Memphis for spring break.

Glen Thomas, Public Information Officer, Memphis International Airport said, “This year, of course, is going to be a very different spring break from last year when COVID was really hitting at this time last year.”

The airport expects upwards of 6,200 people to come through at some point this Friday, including passengers and employees. It is projected to be their busiest day of travel since the beginning of the pandemic.

“A lot of times we see the schools are a little bit more coordinated in the timing of the spring break so we have a more concentrated period. This time we’re seeing different time periods of spring break for March, so it’s a little more spread out. That kind of helps with the crowding and the security checkpoint,” said Thomas.

Wearing masks has become the new normal, but now it is against the law not to wear one in airports across America.

“It’s a federal law now,” said Thomas, “And that really helps the airport industry because it’s consistent across all airports.”

Memphis International Airport has masks on hand in case passengers forget them.

While Shelby County is under a mask mandate, several states have eliminated their own mandates.

Sweat said during Tuesday’s press conference, “For folks in Shelby County who might choose to be traveling to some of the states who have eliminated their mask mandates, I would say it doesn’t matter. While you’re there wear your mask.”

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