Background breakdown underway on MPD Director finalists

Background breakdown on 7 MPD Director finalists

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - After a search conducted by the International Chiefs of Police the same group that led the search in 2016, here are the 7 finalists.

Joel Fitzgerald, who has served as police chief in several cities. According to our NBC affiliates in Texas and California Joel Fitzgerald was fired from his job in Fort Worth, Texas in 2019, but has since won an appeal to be honorably discharged. He is currently working in Waterloo, Iowa.

Anne Kirkpatrick was fired after three years on the job in Oakland, California, a unanimous decision without cause during a closed session meeting.  She said she knew why she was fired but did not want to go on record. She started her police career in Memphis in 1982.

Joseph Sullivan is a temporarily retired 38 year veteran of the Philadelphia police department.  His time there ended when he was deputy commissioner.

Perry Tarrant has 34 years of law enforcement experience. He is a retired captain with the Tucson police department.

Sharonda Hampton has served 34 years with the Memphis police department. She is currently Deputy Chief of Administrative Services.

Samuel Hines has been with the Memphis Police Department for 30 years. He is currently the Deputy Chief of Uniform Patrol District  One.

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Michael Shearin has been with MPD for 25 years. He is currently Deputy Chief of Investigative Services.

“The mayors going to present just one individual and we will either vote that individual up or down,” said City council member Martavius Jones.

Jones says he believes the police Director should concentrate on reducing crime.

City council member Ford Canale says any of the three candidates with MPD would make a good police Director.

“There’s almost 90 years with MPD. They’ve proven. They’re tested. They’re reliable. They know the city. They know the landscape. They know the people. They know how to talk with the people,” he said.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland will interview each candidate and with input from citizens will make a choice for a new police director to replace Mike Rallings who is retiring in April.

City council member, Dr. Jeff Warren, says whoever gets the job needs to concentrate on one thing.

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“We want to get the best person that’s going to be there for a number of years to get programs involved, try to get the murder rate down,” said Warren. “As you know that’s what I have been pushing for to lower the murder rate.”

Councilmember Ford Canale told WMC Action News 5 the person chosen by the mayor to be the new police director will be presented to the council for approval at the first council meeting in April.

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