SCHD plans to release new health directive next week

New health directive expected next week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It’s been about a month since the Shelby County Health Department released its last health directive.

With spring break kicking off this weekend could restaurants and bars see a different set of guidelines?

“Had a meeting yesterday, got there and Mayor Harris had a hopeful complement of additions, changes, relaxations for the upcoming directive,” president of Memphis Restaurant Association Mike Miller said.

Miller says they’ve had conversations with the health department regarding a new health directive and have made suggestions.

“You know that is one of the things they suggested that they were going to extend was the curfew from midnight to 1 a.m. was a possibility. You know some of it again just as the internal operations we’d love to be able to seat more people at a table,” Miller said.

The Shelby County health department said “the new Health Directive has not been finalized or released yet. The tentative date for release will be March 17th to go into effect March 20th.”

In the past restaurant owners have shamed the health department for implementing rules that significantly hurt their business.

Miller said since he took on the role of president he’s been working on having an open line of communication to express owner concerns, he feels it’s been effective.

“You know one of the asks was for better communication and we’ve had meetings every four weeks with the Mayor, the health department, and things of that nature,” Miller said.

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