Waste Pro customers outraged as trash piles for two weeks

New timeline on city's contract with waste pro

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Waste Pro customers in Memphis are getting angrier and angrier.

Their garbage has still not been picked up and they wonder if it will ever happen.

“This mess keeps piling up out here. What else you going to do,” said Bill McNease.

McNease’s garbage outside his Cordova home is overflowing.

He had to use a neighbor’s garbage can and luckily the neighbor does not mind.

If you take a look at neighborhoods across the city, you can see the garbage has not been picked up in weeks.

Cordova is one of the areas in Memphis where Waste Pro is contracted by the city.

There are 35,000 homes in Cordova, Hickory Hill and parts of East Memphis that Waste Pro is supposed to service.

Neighbors across those communities are angry and want answers.

Jim Sdoia said, “I can tell you it’s the responsibility of the city. That’s where the ultimate responsibility lies. The mayor says he takes full responsibility. That’s talk. Let’s see some action.”

In his weekly update, Mayor Jim Strickland said he takes full responsibility for the garbage mess.

He said the city is working on a long-term solution right now.

Waste Pro sent a release to the Media Thursday saying it wanted out of the contract with the city but did not notify the city.

“The only reason we know of what they said today is because of you telling us,” Strickland said Thursday.

The city told WMC Action News 5 Waste Pro is still picking up garbage under the deadline that the city imposed under a contract ending April 10th.

It is not clear exactly what the city is planning to do beyond that date.

“It doesn’t have to be a perfect solution. But we need a solution now and work out the details later. This is getting ridiculous,” said McNease.

Waste Pro said it is committed to a smooth transition.

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