Lawsuit filed against City of Memphis, MLGW amid trash pickup problems

Lawsuit filed over ongoing trash issues in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis trash troubles have now led to a class-action lawsuit against the city filed on behalf of citizens in what is known as Area E including Cordova, Hickory Hill, Windyke and parts of East Memphis.

The lawsuit says the garbage pickup complaints go back six years.

“It’ll be two weeks,” said Wally Green.

Green lives in a neighborhood just off Poplar near Union Extended. He and his neighbors have not had their trash picked up in two weeks.

“It’s beginning to be a problem,” said Green. “If you look down the street you can see everybody’s garbage is getting very very full. Ours as well.”

Dylan Schleicher who lives in the same neighborhood says he has not had any problems.

“That shocked me,” he said. “I mean I we’re going n dog walking range right. I consider that the same neighborhood.”

Memphis sanitation crews are behind in some areas because they are trying to pick up the slack for Waste Pro, the private sanitation company hired by the city to service Residents in Area E.

Area E residents have repeatedly complained about inconsistent trash pickup. The Riverwood area, serviced by Waste Pro, has not had trash pickup for three weeks. WMC was told it was picked up by the city of Memphis Wednesday.

Lawsuit filed against city, MLGW amid trash pickup problems in "Area E"

These kinds of problems are why the class action lawsuit was just filed against the City of Memphis and MLGW Wednesday because the utility bill has the trash service fee on it.

The lawsuit points out that the city annexed Area E sections making the city obligated to provide services like garbage pickup. But the lawsuit claims the two private companies contracted by the city have failed to provide adequate garbage service for six years. And the city passed an ordinance that did not allow residents of Area E to hire their own garbage service.

The lawsuit adds that in 2020 residents of Area E did not get outside the cart service. And in October of 2020 recycling service was eliminated even though residents were still paying the same fee.

We reached out to the City of Memphis for a comment on the lawsuit but have not yet heard back.

The lawsuit is seeking $38 million in damages for 35,000 households.

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