Waste Pro says city denied its request to pick up trash on Good Friday

Waste Pro: City denied request to keep collecting trash on Good Friday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis trash contractor Waste Pro says it will not be able to pick up customer trash Friday evening even after asking for special permission from the city.

For weeks, customers in contracted areas like Cordova and Hickory Hill say their trash has been piling up.

The City of Memphis has been pressuring Waste Pro to improve its service, even as Waste Pro released a statement saying it wants out of its contract.

Late Thursday, Waste Pro announced it will not be picking up trash on Good Friday. Its city contract prohibits it from operating on city holidays.

But Waste Pro said it requested an exception from the city which was denied!

We reached out to the city for a response but have not heard back.

Waste Pro says it will resume services on the next regularly scheduled collection day.

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