Battle continues to brew between City of Memphis, Waste Pro over trash collection

Battle brewing between City of Memphis & Waste Pro over trash collection

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Friday is a holiday so there’s no garbage pickup. It’s something residents in Area E don’t want to hear. Waste Pro is fighting back and residents wonder how bad is it going to get.

“It was bad. You could smell it,” said resident Carol Carson

Carson lives in Area E where Waste Pro is contracted with the city to pick up garbage, which includes Cordova, Windyke, Hickory Hill and parts of East Memphis.

“It has only gotten really bad in the last six months and then it was every two or three weeks,” said Carson. “For the last several months and this time four weeks and a day.”

Lawsuit filed over ongoing trash issues in Memphis

Waste Pro wants out of its 600 plus page contract with the city but said in a release, sent only to the news media, it wanted a smooth transition. In another release on Thursday, Waste Pro said it wanted to pick up trash on Good Friday, a city holiday, but claims the city said no. City officials said that is not true, but did not elaborate.

The City of Memphis is required to provide garbage service, something a class action lawsuit claims has been inconsistent for six years in Area E.

Patricia Possel is one of the people filing the lawsuit.

“We filed constant emails, we’ve gone down to city council,” said Possel. “We tried every avenue possible to get the city to just start picking up the garbage.”

Possel became so well versed in garbage service she is known as the trash lady. She says residents asked her for help and that is the reason for the lawsuit that is asking for $38 million.

“The only thing left to do was to file a complaint through the courts and hopefully get a judgment so at least we can be compensated for the fact that we are paying into a system and we’re not receiving services,” she said.

Friday’s garbage pickup will happen Saturday and Monday is also a city holiday, pushing collection dates forward by one day all next week.

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