City councilmembers plan to present resolution to get rid of Waste Pro

Council to consider resolution calling for city to end Waste Pro contract

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The City of Memphis sanitation crews and a company hired on an interim basis are all trying to catch up on garbage collection in Area E serviced by Waste Pro. With all of that, there are people who still haven’t had their trash picked up.

On Tuesday two city council members plan to present their resolution to get rid of Waste Pro.

“It makes me feel like you got to do it your own way. You can’t rely on anybody like the city you know,” said Terae Smaw.

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Smaw and his family live in Hickory Hill. He says his garbage has not been picked up in two or three weeks. A look around his neighborhood and you can see plenty of overflowing trash cans out on the curb.

“That’s crazy ain’t it,” said Smaw.

He is in Area E that includes Hickory Hill, Cordova, Windyke and parts of East Memphis. Waste Pro, who has said in a news release it wants out of its contract, is contracted by the City of Memphis to pick up the trash. But the company has done such a poor job there is a class-action lawsuit filed against the city.

Mayor Jim Strickland gave Waste Pro a 20-day notice under the contract to fix the problems.

“It did not get any better over Easter weekend and it looks like we are in the aftermath of a hurricane. It’s worse than horrible.”

Memphis City Councilman Ford Canale says that means Waste Pro is in violation of its contract for not making enough improvements and the company can be fired. And that is exactly what Canale and Councilman Chase Carlisle are asking the city to do in a resolution.

Canale says he has talked with a private waste disposal company, he is not naming, who says the job can be done. The garbage can be picked up weekly in Area E.

The city has hired Team Waste in the interim and a tree company to help city sanitation employees, who are working overtime, to get the trash picked up for the 35,000 customers in Area E.

“We’ve had enough. Our constituents have had enough. We’ve got to do something and we’ve got to do it quickly,” said Canale.

Team Waste told WMC the city said not to comment on the help it is providing.

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