Memphis City Council committee approves resolution, urges city to fire Waste Pro

Council vote urges city to fire Waste Pro

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Memphis City Council committee made it clear, with a unanimous vote, it wants Waste Pro gone. The committee also heard from the city that trash pickup is caught up and will continue that way, something angry citizens have wanted to hear for a long time.

”We’ve done our best. It’s time for us to leave Waste Pro and move on,” said city council member, Patrice Robinson.

The committee didn’t hesitate to approve a resolution by Ford Canale and Chase Carlisle to end the city’s contract with Waste Pro, the private waste company contracted by the city to pick up trash in Cordova, Hickory Hill Windyke and parts of East Memphis. 

The decision is ultimately up to Mayor Jim Strickland.

Council to consider resolution calling for city to end Waste Pro contract

”When part of the city trash is not picked up for three or four weeks, it’s a priority and a problem for all of Memphis, not just Area E,” said Rhonda Logan.

We’ve been showing you for weeks all of the overflowing garbage cans that had not been picked up for weeks.

City sanitation crews and a private waste company have been working to pick up all of the trash.

″We believe they are caught up now and they will stay caught up with the help of Team Waste who are helping us with an emergency contract,” said Memphis COO Doug McGowan.

The city gave Waste Pro 20 days to fix the problem of garbage collection or be in default of its contract, Waste Pro has said it wants out of the contract.

If that happens the city could contract with another private waste company.

Logan suggested the city take over the trash service. McGowan said that would cost a lot of money.

”Roughly, we’re going to need 11 to 12 million dollars. Per year,” he said.

And McGowan said a capital project would be needed because the city would have to build a transfer station, where collected trash is dumped, in Area E.

City Council members want Waste Pro fired, credit issued for trash customers

”I’m of the opinion these are basic services that we should be providing our citizens whether it’s from special revenue funds or our regular general fund,” said City Councilman Martavius Jones.

The city will decide on April 10, the deadline on the notice to cure, whether to end its contract with Waste Pro. If that happens Team Waste will take over until a permanent decision is made in garbage service for Area E.

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