$22 million project could bring growth to Blytheville

A housing project proposal could bring major changes to the city of Blytheville.

$22 million project could bring growth to Blytheville

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - The Blytheville Planning Commission approved a $22 million rezoning request to develop homes behind Walmart.

Mayor James Sanders said it could bring growth to the city.

“This would allow opportunities for new residents, new apartments and even just new people,” said Mayor Sanders.

The mayor mentioned the project would consist of building 147 townhomes and apartments that will be within walking distance of the Porter Commons Shopping Center.

“That’s close to shopping, that’s close to food, that would even be close to any entertainment that we may have out there,” he said.

Michelle Turner, a long-time Blytheville resident, said she feels optimistic about what the possible new housing could bring to town.

“It’s an open door for growth,” Turner said.

Turner has parents who live in Jonesboro and commute to Blytheville for work, which called an inconvenience for them because of the lack of affordable housing in town.

She believes the new residential development can help people like her parents live in the same area that they work.

“It doesn’t make sense to have money here, in Blytheville, you’re making money in Blytheville and you’re spending it not in Blytheville,” she said.

The proposal has to be brought to the city council for voting before construction begins.

Turner believes if this passes through the council, more young people would flock to the city, making it as big as Southaven, Miss.

“We can expand just as well as they have expanded – even larger,” Turner said.

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