MLH providing resources to help community cope with stress

April is Stress Awareness Month

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - April is Stress Awareness Month. The past year has likely caused more stress than normal for many individuals. Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare is providing resources to the public to help them cope with their stress.

“We all know to exercise, get enough sleep, eat good and those are all great things. I think sometimes people need newer ways of coping maybe those older ways just aren’t working,” said Allison White, supervisor for the Living Well Network.

They have introduced strategies like positive self-talk and progressive muscle relaxation.

“Progressive muscle relaxation is targeted to decrease tension and your anxiety,” said White. “It involves tensing a group of muscles while you breathe in and then relaxing them while you breathe out.”

“They can give us a call, and we can assess them, and we can send them and connect them to the right provider,” said White.

This month the Living Well Network hopes to encourage people to keep seeking ways to manage their stress, especially after a year full of changes.

“Try to find something that works for you and be consistent with it,” said White. “Nothing is going to work the first two, three times you do it, but if you do it consistently over time then there will be a benefit.”

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