Waste Pro drops some residential customers

Updated: Apr. 7, 2021 at 10:58 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Mayor Jim Strickland said Waste Pro stopped working either altogether or in part and that is why the city had to have an emergency contract with another waste provider to help pick up the backlog of trash. And it appears Waste Pro is giving at least some of its private Memphis customers the heave-ho.

“They sent a letter out to everyone in the neighborhood saying they were ceasing as of April 30 which is less than 30 days,” said Stace Harris.

Harris lives in a gated area of East Memphis off Mendenhall. The City of Memphis does not provide trash service in areas like that with private drives. So she and her neighbors had a private trash service from Waste Pro. But the letter she and her neighbors got says Waste Pro will be ending its service at the end of April.

Waste Pro said it evaluated its service in the area and is bowing out. So now these neighbors will have to find someone else. Harris said she never even got a trash receptacle from Waste Pro.

“They still picked up my trash if I put it in a bag in the street,” said Price.

WMC contacted Waste Pro asking how many private-paying customers would be affected. We received a generic response:

“Waste Pro offers the full spectrum of solid waste services throughout the southeastern United States, including the Memphis marketplace.”

What is clear is how Strickland feels about how Waste Pro is fulfilling its contract with the city to pick up trash in area E Cordova, Hickory Hill, Windyke and parts of East Memphis.

“Waste Pro, who is our contracted partner in this area, stopped working to some degree,” said Strickland. “We can’t really tell. We can’t really tell if it’s wholly or in part but certainly in part.”

The mayor said because of that, city sanitation crews are working overtime and Team Waste is helping out in an emergency contract. In a revised statement the city says it will now take about 10 days to catch up on trash pickup. Under the contract with Waste Pro, the city gave the company 20 days to fix the problem.

“Waste Pro has completely failed,” said Strickland. “They are not doing the job we gave them under the contract to remedy or cure. It does not seem like they are doing that.”

Waste Pro’s deadline to fix its problems in Area E is up on Saturday, after that, the city will decide whether to end the contract.

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