Will President Biden’s gun control plan have any impact?

Will President Biden’s gun control plan have any impact?

The Biden/Harris administration labels the violent shootings as a public health epidemic. There have been 40 homicides in the City of Jackson this year alone.

It’s these types of deadly shootings and mass shooting events we’ve seen in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta in recent weeks the president is trying to avoid.

Part of the president’s gun law crackdown would stop the sale of what’s called “ghost guns.” These new weapons that have shot up in popularity are made of a polymer and owners have to assemble them.

The parts can be ordered off the internet and they don’t have serial numbers so they’re harder to track. The new laws would also stop the sale of stabilizing braces which can be attached to handguns, making them more accurate to shoot.

Local gun salesmen believe the proposed gun laws will likely spur gun sales as people grow concerned their Second Amendment rights could be taken away.

Brad Harbour, Manager of The Range by Jimmy Primos in Gluckstadt, said, “It’s not criminals these are falling in the hands of. Criminals are getting regular guns, they’re walking around the streets checking unlocked cars in neighborhoods at night. I can’t tell you how many times in law-enforcement you have to go work auto burglaries now. And they don’t break in. They walk the neighborhoods at night, check unlocked doors. They find guns.”

Biden’s executive order would also create more community violence intervention programs. Also included is a measure to encourage states to create red flag laws, allowing people to petition the courts if they think a person shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.

The new laws must be passed by Congress before they can go into effect.

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