Waste Pro customers fed up with trash overpile

Waste Pro customers fed up with trash overpile

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Some private Waste Pro customers say they are so fed up with what they are calling the lack of service and confusing letters from the company, they have hired new waste companies.

One woman said things got so bad she had to rent a dumpster.

“Since June they missed a week in February and in March they just decided not to service me for the full month of March,” said Shamaron Slaughter.

Slaughter lives in unincorporated Shelby County so she needed to hire her own trash service which was Waste Pro.

But she says the service was so bad she had to spend %450 to rent a dumpster for all of her family’s trash that wasn’t picked up.

She has four children.

She said she called Waste Pro repeatedly to pick up her trash and always got the same answer.

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“They’ll pick it up tomorrow. I’m like ok and I’ll and I’ll call the next day like tomorrow comes and they still got the stuff out here,” she told WMC Action News 5.

Slaughter, like other private Waste Pro customers, got a letter saying the company was ending service at the end of April.

Then Waste Pro sent a release to WMC saying the letter was sent erroneously.

WMC contacted Waste Pro. and Ron Pecora, Senior Vice President said in an email that customers will get letters saying the cancellation letter was a mistake.

Pecora apologized for the situation saying the company wants to do what is best for the private customers. Many of those customers like Slaughter have already hired new waste companies.

Waste Pro drops some residential customers

“It really sucks when you’re paying something and you’re not getting the service,” said Slaughter.

Attorney Kevin Snider said not picking up trash and sending out a letter appears to be an automatic cancellation of the contract with customers.

“Under any stretch of the imagination at the very minimum they would have legal recourse against them for breach of contract and that would be a minimum.”

Snider said unfortunately most individuals would be reluctant to hire an attorney to sue Waste Pro for fees paid for trash service that didn’t happen.

The city of Memphis is also involved in a contract dispute With Waste Pro over a lack of service in Area E Cordova, Hickory Hill, Windyke and parts I’d East Memphis,

Waste Pro’s deadline to fix the problem of service in area E ends April 10.

Unfortunately, Mayor Jim Strickland has publicly said the company has not done that.

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