More details surface in traffic stop shooting involving MPD officer

TBI investigating shooting involving MPD officer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Gunfire erupted in a busy Memphis community involving a police officer and the car he was trying to pull over.

It happened Tuesday just before 8 p.m. in the parking lot of the AutoZone on Summer Avenue in Berclair. According to both MPD and TBI, an officer pulled over a silver Infiniti.

Police say when the officer approached the car someone inside fired shots and they say the officer fired back. Memphis Police say the suspect also shot into an “occupied” car that was in a nearby Taco Bell parking lot but no one was hurt.

Memphis officer exchanges gunfire with suspect during traffic stop

Police say a gunshot victim showed up at the hospital an hour later and they believe that person exchanged gunshots with the officer, but we spoke to a man Wednesday who says he is the brother of that gunshot victim and he says otherwise.

”She’s in the hospital right now, critical condition, won’t let me, my family, nobody in,” said Johnny Rawls, brother of the gunshot victim.

Rawls claims his sister was in the drive-thru next door when she was shot.

”She was buying food at Taco Bell, they still got the receipt that’s in the car, the police now have the car,” said Rawls.

Rawls says his sister is a victim and wants clarification from the police.

”And what they saying ain’t making no sense, they won’t tell us nothing, won’t let nobody go in there and see her or anything,” said Rawls.

According to TBI’s website, “There is no state law requiring TBI to investigate use-of-force cases in Tennessee.”

However, TBI has a Memorandum of Understanding with MPD, Shelby County Sheriff’s and the District Attorney’s office regarding the investigation of officer-involved shootings.

According to that document, TBI investigates cases that involve “the death of a person by an MPD/ Shelby County Sheriff Office law enforcement officer acting in the line of duty” or “the death of an MPD/ Shelby County Sheriff Office detainee while in a city.”

TBI says they are investigating the incident at the request of the DA. So far this year TBI has investigated 17 officer-involved shootings statewide. This is the first in Memphis.

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