Mother details moment she and her child were shot at by suspected car thief

Car thief shoots mother and baby

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The victims refer to him as the man in the red hoodie. He was caught on video stealing one man’s car. And police say he is suspected of shooting at a woman while she held her child.

The victim of the shooting, who did not want to be identified, talked with WMC about her terrifying experience.

“With my purse in his right hand, he pulled his gun from his left hand and held it down and I’m standing there,” she said.

A week ago, the woman was holding her 5-month-old baby when she looked out of her window and saw a man walking away with her flowered purse. He had stolen it from her car. She confronted him.

Car theft caught on camera before suspect shot at mother and son

“I was like ‘hey’ and we went back and forth,” she said. “I was cursing him and he was saying stuff.”

She says he shot at her and her baby. They were not injured.

“I don’t even know what was going through my mind. I was so angry at that point. You just shot at me,” she recalled.

She said a gold Nissan Maxima was sitting in the middle of the road while all of this was happening. She said the man in the hoodie jumped in a dark gray Dodge Challenger and took off along with the man in the Nissan.

“He just lucked up saw the car,” said Vandrian Bradford, owner of the vehicle.

Home surveillance video captured the suspect casually walking down the street and into the driveway. You can see him calmly backing the Challenger out of the driveway.

The victim says the man in the red hoodie had unusual hair.

“He had weird hair-looking hair, like mini dreads,” she said.

And a distinctive voice.

“He sounded like a child to me,” said the victim.

This woman has learned a valuable lesson.

“I didn’t think, a careless act -- I jeopardized my child’s like that.”

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