MBI investigating shooting involving DeSoto County deputy

MBI investigating a shooting involving a DeSoto County deputy

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss (WMC) - The Mississippi Breau of Investigation is looking into a shooting where a DeSoto County deputy discharged his weapon.

It happened Saturday night in the parking lot of the O’Reilly Auto Parts off Goodman Road in Horn Lake.

According to Luke Williamson, the assistant district attorney, the deputy was on patrol when he received a tip.

“The deputy’s original suspicion was based on some information he had received on a stolen property crime,” said Williamson.

MBI confirms shooting investigation involving DeSoto County deputy

The deputy confronted the individual he believed could be a potential suspect at the Horn Lake O’Reilly Auto Parts.

The confrontation resulted in an attempted arrest.

“The suspect resisted arrest,” said Williamson. “The way the rest of the incident played out lead to the aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.”

DeSoto deputies do not wear body cameras.

Williamson would not comment if the suspect had a weapon when assaulting the deputy but did confirm that the deputy discharged his weapon shortly after.

“During the encounter, the officer had to feel like his safety was a danger,” he said.

The suspect was able to get away and self-admitted himself into a hospital that is not known to the media at this time.

Officer-involved shooting in DeSoto County parking lot

Williamson said the suspect, a Caucasian male, was critically injured in the shooting but is recovering.

Charges currently pending against the suspect include resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

The case of the property theft crime that instigated the confrontation is still under investigation.

WMC asked MBI, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department and Williamson if the deputy has been placed on temporary leave, pending this investigation.

Williamson was unsure, MBI referred us to DCSO, and DCSO said they do not comment on personnel matters.

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