Bail bonds business identifies suspect involved in shooting near 201 Poplar

Search for suspect involved in shoot-out with bounty hunter

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The search is on for a wanted man after a shootout with a bounty hunter.

It was a strange scene in front of All N One Bail Bonds right across from 201 Poplar around 11:30 Tuesday morning.

Employees told WMC the man is 26-year-old Jonathan Spates.

“That’s my first time hearing gunshots that close to my place of business,” said All N One Bail Bonding Owner Kimberly Charles. “So yeah it’s very scary. I’m just glad no one was hurt.”

Also likely the first time Charles saw yellow crime scene tape in front of her business.

The business is right across the street from 201 Poplar on the jail side, a very busy area with plenty of law enforcement and people with court business.

Police say a Spates ran out of the business when he found out he would be taken into custody.

He missed a court date, according to Charles, which is why he had a warrant and the bonding company was going to turn him in.

“He made it clear, he wasn’t going to do that because he has a lot of warrants,” said Charles.

Court records show Spates has at least eight warrants, mostly for theft and one for aggravated assault.

The bonding company said, when Spates ran off, he came back with a gun but could not get in because the door was locked due to COVID-19.

That’s when employees said Spates fired a shot.

She said the contracted bounty hunter ran after Spates, shooting at him in the parking lot down the street.

Police said it does not appear anyone was hit by the gunfire. It is not clear if the bounty hunter will face any charges.

Charles said she is just grateful no one was injured and wants Spates caught.

“I hope they apprehend him because I think he is dangerous,” she said.

Police say Spates took off in a blue Toyota 4 Runner.

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