Binghampton neighbors fighting street closure plan

Neighbors fight Scott Street closure plan

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Binghampton neighborhood is fighting a plan to disconnect one of its streets from Poplar Avenue.

At issue is the Scott Street Bridge which connects to the elevated portion of Poplar Avenue near Midtown.

TDOT plans to rebuild the 100-year-old viaduct, make it earthquake-sound and increase the clearance over active railroads.

But city engineers asked that the Scott Street connection be removed, because of frequent crashes at the angled intersection.

Neighbors and businesses say Scott Street is a vital vehicle and pedestrian link to the Poplar Corridor, and closing it will force people to make lengthy detours.

They voiced those concerns at a community meeting with TDOT and the city Tuesday night.

”We’re going have too much more traffic on Tillman,” said Binghampton resident Janelle Foster. “I can’t even cross the street when I’m leaving school. We go to Lester Prep. And she almost got hit today because there’s so much traffic going on. Like they need to slow that down.”

TDOT says their plans are 99 percent finalized and only waiting for the railroads to sign off.

But neighbors hope there is still time for a redesign.

A petition already has more than 2,000 signatures.

Several Memphis City Council members at the meeting said they will bring a resolution asking TDOT to redesign the project.

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