Suspects detained for questioning after car theft & child abduction

Child safe after mom's car stolen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A 4-year-old patient of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is safe after being abducted in a stolen car Thursday afternoon.

Police say the girl’s father left his keys inside car with the child and went inside a gas station.

Police say that’s when a man in a black Dodge Challenger slid into the driver’s seat of the Nissan, taking the car and the child.

Memphis Police Director Mike Ryall said the car was found a few miles away.

“Once we confirmed that was the car, of course, we checked. The child was still inside safe,” said Ryall.

4 detained for questioning after car theft & child adbuction

Police responded quickly to the abduction.

“We did a grid search that was going out at least 3 miles or more with aviation overhead too. Our officer in the area patrolling found the car,” said Memphis Police Lt. Karen Rudolph.

The Hispanic family from Michigan also got the word out through a grandfather who googled Spanish-speaking radio.

“He was telling us my son is in Memphis. His child got kidnapped along with the car. He doesn’t know anybody. They went to St. Jude to get chemotherapy and they didn’t know this type of thing could happen,” said Itzel Mendoza with Butron Media Corporation.

Police towed the family’s car to process it and look for evidence.

MPD: Child abducted in stolen car found

Not long after that officers swarmed the Whitney Manor Apartments in Frayser with a helicopter in the air looking for the suspects. Four people were detained.

Fortunately, the 4-year-old was not physically injured.

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