4 teens charged in abduction of 4-year-old girl from Memphis gas station

4 teens charged in abduction of 4-year-old girl from Memphis gas station

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Four teens are charged in the abduction of a four-year-old St. Jude patient at a gas station Thursday afternoon.

Surveillance video has been released that shows that abduction and WMC Action News 5 talked with Ivette Burton, the owner of a Spanish-speaking radio station, who rushed to the scene to help the Hispanic father of the child.

Child found safe after being abducted in stolen SUV at Memphis gas station

Ivette Butron rushed to the gas station at Poplar and Tillman after that phone call with the father of the girl who was abducted.

She didn’t get to speak to the father then.

“At that exact moment, one officer said we found the girl and everybody started running, even us. We followed the police car,” said Butron.

The child from Michigan was in Memphis with her family undergoing treatment at St. Jude.

She was found safe a few miles away near Hollywood and Avery, still inside the family’s Nissan Rogue that had been stolen from the gas station.

This surveillance video from the gas station shows a black Dodge Challenger at a pump. You see the Challenger pull up next to the Nissan after the vehicle was left running when the child’s father went inside to pay for the gas.

You can see a male get out, hop into the Nissan, and take off following the Challenger heading west on Poplar.

Butron came into the picture when the child’s panicked grandfather in Michigan Googled Spanish-speaking radio stations, hoping to get help for his son, the little girl’s father.

Not long after the child was found, police swarmed an apartment complex in Frayser, taking into custody the four teens aged 15,16, and 17 who are now charged.

Butron says the family is now back in Michigan and she is pleased that her radio stations could help. She hopes everyone can learn the dangers of leaving a child alone in a car.

“It’s a big lesson for everybody, especially for our community. Be careful with the kids and don’t do the same. Don’t leave kids alone in the car,” Butron said.

The teens are charged with aggravated kidnapping, theft of property, evading arrest, and possession of a firearm. They are being detained because of the seriousness of the charges and have another court appearance May 10.

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