Vigil held for 10-year-old girl whose mother is accused of stabbing and killing her

10-year-old stabbing victim remembered in candlelight vigil

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Near the site where ten-year-old Kamari Reed was murdered at Huntington Hills Apartments, a vigil was held in her honor on Sunday.

There were so many emotions, all circling in confusion because many if not all still do not know why this happened.

“This is a tragic loss,” said Tykitta Franklin, Kamari’s Aunt.

This was her first time back at Huntington Hills since her niece was killed Friday night.

“I basically got a call saying ‘get here.’ I got here,” said Franklin.

Franklin’s 18-year-old baby sister was also injured.

What’s been the hardest for her is accepting that the person arrested and charged with Kamari’s murder, as well as three other counts of attempted first-degree murder, is her other sister, Kamari’s mother, 29-year-old Lawrencia Reed.

“I am exhausted, mentally,” Franklin said. “I’m sad. I am angry because I don’t know why this happened. Like I said, my niece was my everything.”

She said, “It’s just so hard for me to be able to say that I was the last one trying to help her stay alive. She just, I just felt her stop breathing.”

At the end of the candlelight vigil, balloons were released, and hugs were given.

But now comes the hardest part, trying to move on.

“This is not something that’s just going to go away overnight,” said Franklin. “It’s going to hurt you for a long time.”

A GoFundme has been set up by the family to pay for Kamari’s funeral arrangements.

Franklin said since the incident, her sister’s car has been vandalized.

She’s asking that those who are angry with what happened not take it out on her sister’s belongings because she’s going to need them, now that she is taking care of her sister’s kids.

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