Neighbors recall moments after 10-year-old killed by mother

Mother accused of killing 10-year-old daughter undergoing mental evaluation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Neighbors of the woman who is accused of stabbing her 10-year-old daughter to death and injuring three other people say she did not appear to have any mental issues when they saw her or interacted with her.

The balloons from a Saturday vigil are deflating.

One small piece of crime scene tape left after police say 29-year-old Lawrencia Reed stabbed her 10-year-old daughter Kamari to death Friday night at their Raleigh apartment complex.

Reed is also accused of stabbing her own sister who survived.

Neighbors say they never saw any odd behavior.

‘She was my neighbor and she would just say hey and speak and hey boo. She was very sweet. You’d never think she would be like that,” said Neferteria Anderson, who lives next door.

Anderson said Kamari, described as the girl with the beautiful eyes, would play with her children.

Neighbor Carnesda Clark doesn’t understand what could have happened.

“Never heard anything. Children are never seen to be abused, never bruised never anything,” said Clark.

Neighbors and family wonder what kind of horror could have happened inside this apartment.

Shirley Hues says she saw one boy run out of the apartment saying he was around 11-years-old.

She says she also saw Reed, who she said looked strange.

“I saw her with a blanket wrapped across her going to the police car,” said Hues.

Police say Lawrencia Reed is undergoing a mental evaluation.

Suspect in juvenile stabbing charged with first-degree murder

Attorney Claiborne Ferguson says that’s not unusual.

“It’s a very sensitive case and whether she was suffering from a mental illness at the time it occurred or she’s suffering from intense grief because of the outcome of her actions,” said Ferguson.

Neighbors have one word for the whole terrible thing-- awful.

Lawrencia Reed is charged with 1st degree murder and three counts of Criminal attempt first degree murder.

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