Mississippi governor discourages panic buying as drivers stock up on gas

Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 10:43 PM CDT
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HERNANDO, Miss. (WMC) - People are trying to stock up on gas after news that the Colonial Pipeline may not be fully restored for several more days.

There was a rush in North Mississippi Wednesday even though the governor says there is no need to panic.

Gas is running low at a Kroger gas station in Hernando. They are out of unleaded and midgrade. The only thing available is diesel and premium gas. Governor Tate Reeves is telling Mississippians to not panic, but some customers said they’re taking precautions.

Customers at the Hernando gas station filled up with the highest grade gas, even if they didn’t need it. By around 7 p.m., the gas station went from low on gas to completely out.

The Colonial Pipeline hack is causing panic at the pump and it’s happening all around the country, including in Mississippi.

People should not be panicking. People should calm down,” said Reeves.

Reeves said Mississippi depends on the Colonial Pipeline for only about 30 percent of its supply. Seventy percent comes from elsewhere, including the Chevron refinery in Pascagoula.

If everyone buys their normal amount of fuel, they’re normal amount of gasoline for this particular week, then there will not be a major shortage in Mississippi. We should have adequate supplies,” said Reeves.

However, fears of gas shortages is not the only thing driving up demand.

“The gas prices are extremely high. “I went home and took one vehicle home and came back and got another one because I’m trying to pump the gas and get some gas before you know, it goes up any further,” said Tashunda Vaughn.

Vaugn said as a social worker, she depends on her car to see clients.

AAA said the price for a gallon of gasoline has shot up 6 cents in the last week and analysts said with some stations selling four times the norm, the national average will soon top $3.

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