MLGW shares tips to prepare for summer heat

Updated: 17 hours ago
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - With temperatures expected to heat up over the next few days, Mid-Southerners will likely be cranking up their air conditioners.

Gayle Jones Carson, MLGW’s vice president of community and external affairs, says there are steps that can be taken take to make sure customers are ready.

“People need to stay on top of the efficiency of the unit,” she said.

Whether it is a window unit or central air conditioning, making sure that it is rid of moisture, dirt, or dust is a must. Jones Carson also states that it’s important to change air filters at least once a year.

“That can also cause damage to your air conditioner if you don’t get it changed regularly,” she said.

Maintaining an air conditioning unit’s air flow can also help save energy and in turn, save money.

“Added stress places wear and tear on the unit and increases the operational costs,” said Jones Carson. “If it’s increasing the operational cost, more than likely it’s not going to be efficient, which will also increase the customers utility bill.”

MLGW also recommends that keeping thermostats at 78°. Every degree below that will increase a customer’s bill by six percent. Using a fan along with keeping your AC at 78° can help circulate air.

Jones Carson also says that if regularly having to repair an AC may mean it is time to have it replaced.

“If you start having unusual smells from you air conditioner, you need to get that checked out,” she added.

Jones Carson says window units typically need to be replaced about every eight years and central units every 10 years.

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