Healthy changes for parents fighting childhood obesity in America

Despite the good intent, dietitians say that putting kids on a restrictive diet can lead to eating disorders and yo-yo dieting.

  How to start your day off right with a healthy breakfast

  Shelby County Health Department looks to launch lead testing at affected SCS campuses

  New vaccine could be solution to reducing stress and inflammatory diseases

  SCS reports high lead levels in water at 11 additional schools

  New concussion recovery guidelines better suited for children & teens

  Thanksgiving Dinner Survival Guide: Tips you may need to conquer the feast

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  Shelby County Health Department to begin offering free lead screening for SCS students

Saint Frances Healthcare earns an ‘A’ rating for 2019

  Research finds children benefit from mixed-age play

  Treating the side effects of cancer treatment

  Suicide prevention: Look for the warning signs

  Women working to overcome midlife bulimia battle

  SCS awaiting lead and water test results from an additional 30 schools

At a press conference Thursday, Shelby County Schools confirmed high levels of lead were found in the water at 24 schools.

  State officials push for expansion of postpartum health coverage

Some Tennessee state officials want to expand postpartum health insurance for low-income women.

Shelby County Health Department offering free flu shots

It's the start of flu season and the importance of getting a flu shot is being stressed by the Shelby County health Department.

  Sister surrogate: Woman’s twin sister volunteers to carry her baby

Kaila Jorgensen had just gotten engaged when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her outlook for having a baby got worse when doctors found out how advanced her cancer was.

  Pediatric studies show TV time affects sleep in young children

  Shelby County receives 'F' grade from March of Dimes for high preterm birth rates

  Bridging Bionics: Rebuilding lives and helping people walk again

  Dermatologists uncover laser treatment for port wine stain birthmarks

  Memphis company donates more than 300 sports balls to school that lost recess equipment

Two new cases of vaping-relating lung illness reported in Mississippi

  Research says high-achieving schools lead to high stress levels in students

Researchers are finding that these high-achieving schools are producing students that run the risk of burning out.

  Is there a danger hiding in your child’s brain? What parents need to know about child strokes

One year ago, the Christie family gathered around the dinner table when 10-year-old Neal started acting strangely.

  Mid-South states fall short on March of Dimes preterm birth rate report card

The 2019 report card grades Tennessee with a D. Mississippi and Arkansas both received F’s.

  Vaping, e-cigarettes aren’t a ‘gateway’ to teen smoking, study says

The study found teens who experiment with vaping are more likely to try cigarettes but vaping first does not increase their odds of becoming smokers.

  Escaping poverty one soup bean at a time

If you’re a woman, addicted, abused and poor the likelihood of you or your children breaking the vicious cycle is almost impossible.

  Spray-on skin better than grafts for some burns

When someone is seriously burned, they face a number of health challenges. In order to close the wound, doctors graft skin from other parts of the body, creating more wounds and increasing the risk of infection.

Arkansas reports first death linked to flu this season

Information released by the AHD says the person who died is believed to be between the ages of 45 and 64 years old.

  Implant can help melt away nasal congestion

A new procedure restores the senses by getting rid of non-cancerous polyps, no surgery needed.

  Groundbreaking immunotherapy delays diabetes for 2 years

Trial results are great news for the relatives of the millions of people with diabetes, who are fifteen times more likely to get the disease.

  Is it better for kids to give or receive advice?

According to a new study, preteens might be more motivated to change their behaviors when they’re the ones giving the guidance.

  New device keeps heart pumping after heart attack

Heart attack patients are at the greatest risk of losing their lives in the first critical minutes.

DHS takes temporary control of Lexington Place Healthcare and Rehab; facility still in receivership

The Lexington Place Healthcare and Rehab came to DHS’s attention after employees weren’t paid on Sept. 23.

  Overeating may change your brain

A new study from the University of Washington may shed some light on why it’s so hard to lose weight.

  How to know when it’s time for new joints

Doctors say because the artificial joints commonly last about 20 years, you really don’t want to replace too early. On the other hand, if you wait so long that you are not mobile, you’ll lose strength and endurance, making recovery more difficult.

  Music can help kids get ready for school, research shows

A new study shows movement to music might be an inexpensive and effective way to improve school readiness.

  ADHD school focuses on life lessons

“What the program aims to do is teach those social skills or those communication skills that we don’t necessarily put any emphasis on in traditional schooling.”

  Women with gestational diabetes have risk for long-term health effects

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that is first diagnosed during pregnancy. It can affect both the mother and the baby’s health. Previously many people thought there was nothing to worry about after delivery, but that’s not the case.

  Halloween-related injuries send thousands to hospital

With about 16 thousand patients going to emergency rooms for Halloween-related injuries in 2017, there’s a lot that could go wrong.

Le Bonheur breaks ground for new interactive outdoor space

Le Bonheur Green is a donor-funded $3 million project.

  Sober bars: A new trend?

There is now a new trend where alcohol is out and sobriety is in. Sober bars are popping up in cities around the country.

  5 things that make arthritis more painful

There are lots of medicines to make arthritis symptoms better, but there are also things you do that can make it worse.

  Vaping-related death reported in west Tenn.

Tennessee Department of Health says a person in West Tennessee died from a vaping-related illness.

Humid, windy days are worse for pain, study says

The new study says humid and windy days are worse for pain.

  New program offers healthy meals to Frayser families for free

Dozens of Frayser families will soon be getting healthy meals for free.

  Impulsive behavior linked to screens, sleep

A new study says all that recreational screen use may lead to poor decision making.

  Are supplements good for your heart or a waste of time?

About 75 percent of Americans take some kind of dietary supplement. But do they really work?

Top officials from MSDH, MDPS warn public on dangers of all CBD products

The agencies are stressing that until there are scientific studies and oversight, it is not safe to use CBD oil regardless of where you purchase it.

MSDH public health lab confirms first flu case of the season

The Mississippi State Department of Health is reporting its first laboratory-confirmed case of influenza for the 2019-2020 flu season.

  Which foods you should freeze, avoid freezing

Did you know keeping some foods at zero degrees can do more harm than good?

  Milk allergy patch can stop swallowing disorder

Figuring out what’s wrong when kids have stomach aches is difficult.

Tennessee Department of Health releases state opioid death toll

While deaths increased statewide, the largest increase fell in Shelby County.

  A good attitude can make math easier

Researchers found children who had lower math skills but positive attitudes towards math showed greater brain activation in the regions of the brain that involved effortful control.

  Does your child suffer from ‘funnel chest’?

Concave or funnel chest occurs in one out of every 300 to 400 kids. It’s more common in boys than girls. But how can you tell?

  Treatments can help women have babies after cancer

A specialized team of doctors is working to help cancer patients preserve their fertility and get treatment

  The benefits of snacking on nuts

In a study of over 370 thousand participants, researchers found that people who include nuts in their diet are more likely to reduce weight gain and lower the risk of becoming overweight.

Deputy, cancer survivor honored with custom patrol car paint job

Tunica County Sheriff's Office is honoring one of their deputies with a fresh cruiser paint job.

  Choosing the best non-dairy milk for you

If you are vegan, these milks are a great option for you as they don’t contain animal products. But no matter which plant or nut-based milk you choose, be sure to have an outside source of protein in your diet.

  Delayed cord clamping: 3 minutes to save your baby’s life

More hospitals are now waiting to cut the cord, particularly in preemies, who need the extra support.

  Saint Francis Hospital hosts ‘Mammos Til Midnight’ event

St. Francis Hospital is taking away the stress of getting a mammogram for women with their annual ‘Mammos til Midnight’ event.

  First vaping-related death reported in Tennessee

Tennessee Department of Health reported the first vaping-related death in the state.

  Want your kids to eat healthy? Lead by example

It’s one thing to put a mix of lean protein, fruits and vegetables on your child’s plate. It’s another to get them to take a bite.

  Why your workout isn’t working

For the average person who works out regularly, it take two weeks to start seeing results when you try out a new workout. But for beginners, it may take up to two months before you see any real change.

  Memphians push to end sales tax on feminine hygiene products

Data shows one in five girls miss school because of a lack of menstrual products.

  Childhood cancer drug in short supply, officials say

Officials at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital say Vincristine is in short supply.

  St. Jude scientists work to improve flu shot

St. Jude scientists are partnering with the University of Georgia to improve the flu shot and how it works.

  7 cleaning hacks to save time

The average woman spends two hours and 15 minutes a day on household chores. But there are some tricks to help streamline the process that will save you some time.

  New colorectal cancer vaccine may help pancreatic patients, too

Now, researchers are fighting back with a simple vaccine meant to activate the body’s immune cells and destroy cancer cells. There is hope it might also target other deadly cancers.

  Free flu shots available Wednesday in Southaven

Flu shots are available for free in Southaven for a limited time Wednesday.

  St. Jude leading charge to improve flu vaccine

Scientist with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital along with the University of Georgia will help lead a national push to improve the flu vaccine!

  Mid-Southerners voice concerns about proposed funding changes to TennCare

A full house of Mid-Southerners brought concerns to the first public meeting in Memphis about Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s plan to change TennCare funding to a federal block grant.

  Geriatric emergency departments on the rise

Now innovative emergency departments around the country are taking the lead and offering specialized care to these elderly patients.

  Napping can benefit your child’s brain

Your child may be much better after a nap, which helps with emotional memory and the regulation of emotions.

  Number of vaping-related illnesses on the rise in Tennessee

Experts say most patients reported vaping THC--the “high” producing ingredient in marijuana.

  Health inspectors check local Kroger store, find 10 health code violations

Shelby County health inspectors returned to a Whitehaven Kroger store just one day after we revealed new concerns about cleanliness at the location.

  Poor study habits can hinder learning

Anyone in school knows that to pass a test, you need to study. But could poor habits be thwarting your hard work?

  Shockwaves may help treat heart disease

Fifty-nine-year-old Vickey Soennichsen’s heart disease had filled her arteries with plaque, narrowing them to the point that while trying to catch a train, she almost collapsed.

  How quickly can a tick bite make you sick?

Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tick-borne relapsing fever are all devastating diseases that can be caused by one teeny tiny tick.

  Stroke recovery guidelines important to making full recovery

Every 40 seconds, someone in America has a stroke. According to the CDC, stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability. But only ten percent of survivors fully recover. So how can you maximize your recovery?