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  Best Life: Pulse oximeters help monitor oxygen levels from home

Many patients who contract COVID-19 develop pneumonia and in some cases, patients don’t realize they have pneumonia until it’s very hard for them to catch their breath.

  Best Life: Pilates helps patients with neurological conditions

  Best Life: Learning to read - It’s never too late!

  Best Life: COVID-19 Grief - 4 steps to your new normal

  Best Life: How to protect your wedding plans in a post-COVID-19 world

  Best Life: COVID-19 killing 40 million jobs so far; How to get out of the unemployment line

  Best Life: Saving lungs with new FDA approved drug

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  Best Life: 3D hip replacement surgery

  Best Life: Developing gonorrhea vaccine

  Best Life: 5 ways to help healthy habits stick

  Best Life: Preschoolers and snacking in front of the TV

  Best Life: How to stop committing skin sins

  Best Life: The best stock investment app for millennials in the market

  Best Life: Claiming social security

Most financial experts will suggest waiting as long as possible to claim your social security benefits.

  Best Life: Free health care perks to know about

If you hadn’t had a health issue before, the importance of affordable health care has really hit home... almost all of our homes, thanks to COVID-19.

  Best Life: New lung cancer screening option for smokers

Approximately 135,000 Americans will die this year from lung cancer.

  Best Life: Steps to improve your brain at any age

The U.S. population is aging rapidly. Nearly one in seven or almost 15 percent of Americans are 65 or older.

  Best Life: Dangers of Tylenol during pregnancy?

  Best Life: Deep brain stimulation helps people with Parkinson’s Disease

  Best Life: Study finds economic stress leads to higher risk of child abuse

  Best Life: Ways to combat COVID-19 anxiety

  Best Life: 'Cancer pen’ helps diagnose cancer without surgery

  Best Life: More seniors are using marijuana

  Best Life: Reduce child stress with mindfulness training

The coronavirus pandemic has caused stress for everyone – including kids. Now a new study shows there may be easy ways to help your little ones stay mentally healthy during this uncertain time.

  Best Life: Can you boost your immune system against COVID-19?

With tens of thousands of people dying from the coronavirus just in the U.S. and more than two million infected worldwide, some are stocking up on supplements to boost their immune system.

  Best Life: Coronavirus and changing times

War, depression, recession, and now coronavirus. All of these things are devastating, and yet, after all, is said and done, what we learn can have negative fallout and also positive impacts.

  Best Life: Dangers of women binge drinking

We’ll share the benefits of cutting back, and the new sober curious movement that’s on the rise to combat this issue.

  Best Life: Couples surviving COVID-19 together

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced couples everywhere to social distance from the outside world and spend more time with each other!

  Best Life: More dangers of social isolation

We are all too familiar with social distancing. But some say we should use the word physical distancing instead.

  Best Life: COVID-19 strikes again - homeschooling and the learning disabled

Most parents are learning new respect for our teachers. With most schools closed until fall, mom and dad have had to step up by either homeschooling or making sure online classes are being done.

  Best Life: Helping the blind see, new device uses light to help establish items

Thirty-nine million people worldwide are living in total darkness … legally blind.

  Best Life: Coronavirus, playing games with your mind

Coronavirus is playing games with our minds! It’s true! All this social distancing and self-imposed quarantine can wear on your psyche.

  Best Life: Faster donor matching

About 500 heart transplants are performed each year in the U.S. on children aged 17 and under.

  Best Life: Helping minority women succeed in business

Minority women are one of the fastest-growing demographics of the workplace—yet women of color make up almost half of the lowest-paid employees.

  Best Life: Hydrogels, the new tool to help heal tumors

Hydrogels, or smart gels, look and feel a lot like jello.

  Best Life: Grandparents thrown into opioid crisis

The opioid epidemic continues to hit our country hard. Last year, more than 46,000 people died from overdoses, leaving thousands of children without parents.

  Best Life: Robotic ROSA enables doctors to stop seizures

Around 500,000 children in the U.S. have epileptic seizures. The effects can be devastating, especially when medicine can’t help.

  Best Life: COVID-19 Strikes Again - Homeschooling and the learning disabled

Most parents are learning new respect for our teachers.

  Best Life: Discussing death with kids

The images all around us can be upsetting for adults, and especially scary for children.

  Best Life: Augment Therapy - Using games to help kids heal

Physical therapy for most of us, the idea makes us cringe.

  Best Life: Keep kids learning at home by playing math and reading games

With many preschools and daycares around the country closed due to COVID-19, parents are worried that their young kids might not be learning the school readiness skills they need.

  Best Life: Teens and anxiety during COVID-19

Being a teenager is hard enough. Now the COVID-19 crisis is making it even more challenging for some.

  Best Life: How to manage kids’ COVID-19 stress

Disasters and their aftermath have caused short-term and long-term trauma and anxiety for kids.

  Best Life: New tooth implant to help patients smile brighter

An accident, sports injury, gum disease… each year millions of people lose a tooth or several teeth.

  Best Life: New procedure makes nearly bionic prosthetics

Nearly two million Americans currently use a prosthetic device.

  Best Life: Challenges single moms are facing during COVID-19 pandemic

In the United States, almost one in four moms are taking on the challenge of raising kids alone as a single parent.

  Best Life: Knees as good as new with THINK Surgical, Inc knee surgery

It’s one of the most widely done orthopedic procedures - but as many as one in five patients or 20% say they still feel chronic pain or are unhappy with the results after knee replacement surgery.

Best Life: What to know before you try keto

You’ve probably heard of the keto diet… the popular eating plan that encourages you to consume high-protein foods and fats while steering clear of carbohydrates.

  Best Life: Health experts say there is a chance COVID-19 could return in the fall

Experts said the United States leads the world with the number of COVID-19 cases - topping one million.

  Best Life: Robotic exoskeleton helps multiple sclerosis patients walk again

Multiple Sclerosis, it’s an unpredictable disease that disrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body, slowly robbing many patients of their ability to walk, causing tremors, muscle paralysis numbness, and weakness.

  Best Life: New medication helps people suffering from alcohol use disorder

According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 15 million Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder or AUD.

  Best Life: Instant HIV test

It’s estimated 1.1 million people in the U.S. live with HIV. But one in seven are unaware they even have it.

  Best Life: Deadly damage from vaping

The number of reported vaping deaths in the United States has risen to 59.

  Best Life: The pursuit of happiness

Depression—it’s a modern health epidemic. Over 16 million Americans suffer from depression.

  Best Life: Silver disobedience, turning aging on its head

Thirty-four percent of Americans are older than 50, and those numbers will surge over the next decade.

Best Life: CPR - Does the risk outweigh the benefits in older patients?

Push down hard and fast at a rate of 100 to 120 pushes per minute.

  Best Life: Testing and treating kidney failure patients

In about 20% of patients who come into a hospital intensive care unit, the kidneys suddenly lose the ability to eliminate waste and clean the blood, which can lead to permanent damage or death.

  Best Life: Too much screen time impacts development for years

In 2014, children under age two spent more than three hours a day in front of screens, even though the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for this age group other than video chatting.

  Best Life: Spotting the lesions in the lungs before they turn deadly

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer. More people die from it than any other cancer.

  Best Life: The ABC’s of melanoma

In the past year, nearly 100,000 people have been diagnosed with melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Best Life: Killing glioblastoma - turning the body against the brain

One of the first signs can be a headache, but it gets worse—fast.

Best Life: Killing superbugs with a tiny tool - medicine’s next big thing?

Each year, nearly three million people suffer from antibiotic-resistant infections

  Best Life: Study shows father involvement passed down through generations

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than one in four children live without a father in the home.

  Best Life: Opioid free c-section, doctors looking to cut back on drug used for new moms

This year, one in three women will give birth by c-section. Most of these new moms will be sent home with opioids to help control the pain.

  Best Life: Reading and playing - Good for mom and kids

Moms are always looking for ways to destress and improve their parenting skills. Now a new study shows participating in hands-on activities with your kids might be a simple way to help foster better behavior.

  Best Life: What you need to know about hair loss

According to the Hair Loss Society, about 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss.

  Best Life: Gender-specific toys and stem learning

You’ve seen them on the store shelves: toys for boys and toys for girls. But could you be doing your kids a disservice by pushing gender-specific play? A new study suggests yes!

  Best Life: New ways to help manage the pain of migraines

Brief periods of depression, anxiety, decreased appetite are just a few symptoms that often lead to a migraine.

  Best Life: You lie, I snoop? How parents monitor teens’ information

Do your teens tell you everything, from where they’re going to who they’re dating? Or is it a battle to extract any information from them?

  Best Life: Downside to smart technology

Smart technology can enhance our homes, our cars, and even our wallets, but can reliance on tech over old-fashion, traditional methods come with a downside?

  Best Life: Speak of cancer- do’s and don’ts

Last year, 1.8 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer. One of them may be someone you know.

  Best Life: Parenting in a digital world- Beware of these apps!

Parents should think twice before approving certain apps for their teen. One in five teens who regularly log onto the internet say they’ve received an unwanted sexual solicitation.

  Best Life: Revolutionary way to rebuild breast after cancer

Growing up in Poland, renowned Houston plastic surgeon Aldona Spiegel, MD, spent hours designing and sewing new clothes for her dolls.

  Best Life: The importance of rest and recovery

Cardio, abs, and lifting: all these exercises are great but to reach your goals, rest is essential too. Doctors advise at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity.

Best Life: Strategies to fight trauma and stress in kids

It’s a startling number. Nearly half of the kids in the U.S. experienced one or more types of childhood trauma by the time they are 17. Trauma can get under the skin and make kids more susceptible to illness.

  Best Life: Flickering lights to treat alzheimer’s?

By the year 2050, more than 14 million Americans are expected to have Alzheimer’s. Now researchers said a treatment involving lights and sound is showing great promise against the disease.

  Best Life: Tax time extended! 5 ways to avoid an audit

The coronavirus has forced many of us indoors, away from restaurants, movies, and sporting events. So, what are you going to do with all your extra time? How about your taxes?

  Best Life: Detecting pancreatic cancer earlier than ever before

A year ago, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek announced to the world he had stage four pancreatic cancer. It’s a devastating diagnosis. He had only an 18% chance to survive a year. Trebek beat the odds, but not everyone is as lucky.

  Best Life: Series of surgeries helps replace nose after horse bite

Animal bites are more common than most people think, with two to five million occurring each year in the U.S.

  Best Life: Ask a pharmacist, save your life

If you are taking medications right now, you may be making mistakes and not even realize it. The whole point of taking prescription medications is to get healthier and make you feel better.

  Best Life: Preserving lungs outside the body

Almost 114,000 people are on the waiting list for organ donation. On average, 20 people die every day waiting for organs to become available.