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  Best Life: All gain less pain

Recovering from abdominal surgery is tough. It takes the average person at least six weeks to get back to work. Now, there’s a new way to manage pain and get patients back to work much faster. The CDC said prescription opioid overuse for pain management costs the U.S. at least $78 billion a year.

  Best Life: Deep TMS battles depression

  Best Life: Lab in a box - adaptive PCR

  Best Life: Higher rates of ALS in veterans

  Best Life: Race, class and kids’ conversations

  Best Life: Immune-boosting foods that fight the flu

  Best Life: Nurse navigators with you step-by-step

  Best Life: Teen moodiness or dangerous depression?

  Best Life: Traveling with the right identification

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  Best Life: Barostim heals heart failure

  Best Life: When skipping school, time out adds up

  Best Life: Tio, the bone-breaking tumor

  Best Life: Saving hearts from birth to beyond

  Best Life: Fermented foods - The good and bad

  Best Life: Knee pain relief from a woman’s womb?

  Best Life: Signs of dyslexia and what to do

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects areas of the brain that process language. It has no effect on intelligence, so children with dyslexia can grow up to be very successful… just like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, John Lennon, and Whoopi Goldberg.

  Best Life: Silence your inner critic

Sometimes the voice inside your head is the biggest critic of all, but are their ways to stop the negative self-talk?

  Best Life: Hep C transplants save hearts

Right now, as many as 4,000 people in the United States are waiting for a heart or heart and lung transplant, and more than 25% will die before they get a donor organ.

  Best Life: Pets healing vets

Every day, about 20 military veterans in the United States die by suicide – more than are lost daily in combat. Many of these veterans develop post-traumatic stress disorder transitioning back to civilian life. A new program is bringing canines and veterans together to save lives.

  Best Life: The dangers of being a snowplow parent!

  Best Life: Creating a math-friendly environment

  Best Life: Women in surgery - fixing the shortage

  Best Life: Game-changing sponge detects deadly cancer

  Best Life: Push for federal paid leave for mothers in the workforce

  Best Life: Kids recognize social class early in life

  Best Life: ABA therapy changes lives of those affect by Autism

There is no one standard treatment, with medication, occupational therapy and nutritional therapy all among the options. These days, some families are turning to an individualized approach, known as applied behavioral analysis.

  Best Life: Sneaky plastics to avoid

By now, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of plastic exposure. More than 4,000 chemicals are used in plastics and many of them are toxic.

  Best Life: Do preschool math skills predict success?

Many parents send their young children to preschool to help them gain social skills and prepare them for kindergarten.

  Best Life: Virtual reality manages pain without opioids

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports nearly 50 million Americans live with chronic pain, many take opioids to deal with it. Now a new weapon in the fight against pain has some reaching for a virtual reality headset instead of the pill bottle.

  Best Life: PARS procedure for young athletes

Young athletes who play contact sports are at risk for a debilitating back injury. Now a new, minimally invasive procedure is helping them recover and get back in the game.

  Best Life: 5 health myths that are true

“An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away.” You probably heard plenty of wife’s tales like that as a kid. but which ones are true?

  Best Life: Treat the gut, treat depression - Medicine’s next big thing?

Studies have shown as many as 30 to 60% of people who take antidepressants do not get adequate relief from depression. Now a team of Philadelphia researchers is looking beyond the head to the gut for answers.

  Best Life: Avoiding problem teen behavior in the home

Studies show teens growing up in poverty are more likely to engage in problem behavior and experience poor academic outcomes. But research out of Temple University shows that a family’s home environment can protect against that.

  Best Life: Alpacas antibodies create more options for human patients

They are like the immune system’s own supercharged superheroes. When a foreign invader attacks the body, the immune system uses antibodies to neutralize the pathogen. Now researchers believe alpacas may hold the key to studying and treating rare diseases.

  Best Life: How Handwriting stimulates the brain

Technology has changed the way kids today record information in school. Laptops and mobile devices have made typing a more convenient way to log notes and data, but a new study shows it may not be a better way to learn.

  Best Life: The Workout Diet - When and what to eat

When it comes to physical activity, doctors recommend getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity or more a day if you are looking to lose weight. But what are the right foods to eat?

  Best Life: New options to treat depression

More than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Now, novel therapies are changing the game when it comes to managing this often-debilitating illness.

  Best Life: How long should babies sleep?

A good night’s rest is great for babies and parents. Infants, ages four to eleven months, get an average of 12 to 15 hours of sleep per day. But what happens if a baby isn’t sleeping that long?

  Best Life: Quenching your thirst - the right way to hydrate

Water, Gatorade, juice, it’s good for the body and mind!

  Best Life: GRACE Program works to save pregnant addicts

In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a baby is now born suffering from opioid withdrawal every 15 minutes.

  Best Life: Researchers work to develop non-implantable artificial pancreas

Type one diabetes is managed with insulin administered by injection or a pump. Now, researchers are developing what’s being called an artificial pancreas.

  Best Life: Let your fingers do the counting

Have you ever watched a young child count to ten? Their fingers are probably moving as the numbers go up.

  Best Life: 10 of the germiest places in hotel rooms

Before you kick back your feet and turn on the TV, you might want to wipe down that remote with some Lysol wipes.

  Best Life: How the flu can attack your heart

his has been one of the longest flu seasons in 10 years according to the Centers for Disease Control. It’s estimated 25 million Americans have been affected.

  Best Life: Preparing kids for the worst with self defense

he National Center for Missing & Exploited Children says that strangers are most likely to abduct a child when they’re going to or from school.

  Best Life: Face to face learning vs. on-screen learning

Some parents think of the screen as a temporary babysitter, something that keeps young toddlers fascinated and occupied for a few moments while parents take care of chores.

  Best Life: Living with type 1 diabetes

Don Ray, 85, can’t remember a life without diabetes. As a child, Don could not go to gym class. He couldn’t play sports. He couldn’t even play hide and seek.

  Best Life: Top health and fitness trends for 2020

Wondering what the next workout, supplement, or food craze will be? We’ve got you covered!

  Best Life: New dosage of Parkinson’s medication lessens symptoms

Nearly one million Americans will be living with Parkinson’s disease next year. So far, there is no cure, but medication can bring patients some relief from the symptoms.

  Best Life: The power of using hypnosis to lose weight

Surgery free weight loss may all be in the power of your mind. It’s a technique called gastric bypass hypnosis.

  Best Life: Vaccines adults need

Too many adults in the U.S. are not protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

  Best Life: Asthma vs COPD

There are nearly 24 million adults living with COPD while 25 million people are affected by asthma.

  Best Life: Holiday dates to save for shopping

The clock is ticking. The countdown is on. Have you started your holiday shopping?

  Best Life: Revolutionary catheter for blood clots

Many times, clots lodge in the leg but travel to the coronary artery blocking blood flow to the heart.

  Best Life: Keeping it healthy during the holidays

The average person consumes over 6,000 calories on Christmas, but registered dietitian Megan Ware says one day of indulgence isn’t the issue.

  Best Life: Effective surgical procedures for fetal lung malformations

Not only can fetal lung malformations cause breathing and feeding problems, they can even lead to infant heart failure.

  Best Life: How loneliness can affect health of senior citizens

Plan at least two days, if only for a few hours, out of the house, find a senior center, enroll in community college classes.

  Best Life: The benefits of organized sports, keeping kids in the game

Just two to three hours a week of sports participation boosts cardiovascular conditioning, not to mention the social and emotional benefits of being part of a team.

  Best Life: Project Angel Food works to help patients with congestive heart failure

Project Angel Food has made and delivered medically-tailored meals to patients with chronic illnesses for 30 years.

  Best Life: Making math fun with tablets

They love to tap it, swipe it, and watch it, but can kids as young as four and five years old use tablets not just to view videos, or read books, but to learn math?

  Best Life: Predicting premature birth, building healthier babies

he tiniest of tiny, preemies, weighing in at three, two, even one pound are being born, surviving and thriving.

  Best Life: Repairing torn ACLs

In April 2018, the 48-year-old was hiking in Joshua Tree National Park with his family. His foot stopped, but the rest of his leg kept moving.

  Best Life: Preventing nausea in young cancer patients

A team of doctors, IT experts and pharmacists at Phoenix Children’s Hospital wanted to make chemo less horrible for kids. The new chemotherapy induced nausea vomiting, or CINV dashboard is making that happen.

  Best Life: Future of prosthetic limbs, blade running

“I had a little baby foot, but that was amputated when I was a year old," said Heim.

  Best Life: New first line treatment for lung cancer

Results from several clinical trials combining chemo and immunotherapy changed the standard of care for many lung cancer patients last year.

  Best Life: Fixing heart defect in babies with new surgery technique

Patrick was born with a heart defect called coarctation of the aorta or COA -- a narrowing of the vessel leading away from the heart.

  Best Life: First of its kind Psychosis training for caregivers, families

More than 3.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Every year, 100,000 more have their first psychotic episode.

  Best Life: Restoring lives with Exposure Therapy

Pat Scanlon served as a firefighter for 28 years. One fire almost destroyed his life.

  Best Life: Heart failure in young adults presents a new danger

It often affects older adults with aging hearts. But now a study shows heart failure is on the rise in younger people too. And more are dying from it.

  Best Life: Help your kids eat more vegetables

Most parents know that their kids should eat lots of fresh veggies to stay healthy. But that’s often easier said than done.

  Best Life: Tech life hacks to make your life easier

Does it seem like your Wi-Fi signal is constantly flaky? It could be the location of your router.

  Best Life: How zebrafish saved a boy’s life

Ten-year-old Daniel was a healthy active boy, when his body began to swell. A massive overgrowth of his lymphatic system was overwhelming his major organs.

  Best Life: The differences of autism diagnoses in boys and girls

“I used to run around by myself on the playground. I didn’t really get to talk to a lot of people. I kind of sat out a lot.”

  Best Life: Protecting your home from bugs during the winter

When you see them you know to spray them, but how do stop seeing them in your home?

  Best Life: Pros and cons of intermittent fasting

Low-carb, low-fat, high-fat, vegan, paleo. There’s no shortage of diets out there. Now intermittent fasting is an approach that’s taking the medical world by storm.

  Best Life: Working out while pregnant can benefit your baby’s motor skills

Researchers at East Carolina University have found something moms-to-be can do to lower their child’s risk of obesity.

  Best Life: 5 social security mistakes to avoid

If retirement is in your near future, you’re probably looking forward to cashing in on your social security benefits. But don’t let common mistakes cost you.

  Doctors test new drug to relieve chronic sinusitis

According to the CDC, more than 30 million adults in the U.S. struggle with chronic sinusitis: stuffy nose, congestion, swelling, facial pain, trouble sleeping - the symptoms can be debilitating.

  Best Life: Planning ahead can help fight risk factor for anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect one in eight kids in the U.S.

  Best Life: Doctors put premature birth myths to rest

About one in 10 babies are born prematurely in the U.S. There can be feelings of guilt and confusion for parents. But what is fact and what is fiction?

  Best Life: California teen shares his journey after being diagnosed with Loeffler’s syndrome

Wang’s mother, Yang Wei, told Ivanhoe, “When he was barely two years old, we felt something was terribly wrong with him.”

  Best Life: Healthy changes for parents fighting childhood obesity in America

Despite the good intent, dietitians say that putting kids on a restrictive diet can lead to eating disorders and yo-yo dieting.

  Best Life: Helpful tips to maintain and protect your eyesight

Your vision may change as you get older, but it can also change much sooner than you think if you are not careful. Learn some ways to keep your eyes seeing longer.