State questioned about unspent childcare funds

Instead of spending the money, the state returned much of it to the federal government, which sent it to other states.

  Delay in testing for SCS students potentially exposed to lead at school

  Best Life: Working out while pregnant can benefit your baby’s motor skills

  Best Life: Planning ahead can help fight risk factor for anxiety

  Best Life: Doctors put premature birth myths to rest

  Best Life: Healthy changes for parents fighting childhood obesity in America

  SCS reports high lead levels in water at 11 additional schools

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  Best Life: New concussion recovery guidelines better suited for children & teens

  Shelby County Health Department to begin offering free lead screening for SCS students

  SCS awaiting lead and water test results from an additional 30 schools

  Sister surrogate: Woman’s twin sister volunteers to carry her baby

  Pediatric studies show TV time affects sleep in young children

  Dermatologists uncover laser treatment for port wine stain birthmarks

  Is there a danger hiding in your child’s brain? What parents need to know about child strokes

One year ago, the Christie family gathered around the dinner table when 10-year-old Neal started acting strangely.

  Mid-South states fall short on March of Dimes preterm birth rate report card

The 2019 report card grades Tennessee with a D. Mississippi and Arkansas both received F’s.

Le Bonheur breaks ground for new interactive outdoor space

Le Bonheur Green is a donor-funded $3 million project.

  Memphis YMCAs eliminate sugary drinks from kids’ menu

The American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics are calling for additional taxes on sugary beverages. Now, one Mid-South youth program is eliminating sugary drinks altogether.

  Lawmakers, TN Health Dept. working to boost vaccination rates

  Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital planning $37.6 million expansion of Heart Institute

  Memphis hospital is 1st to use new FDA-approved device to fix hole in infant’s heart

  Methodist Le Bonheur holds dedication for new 9-story tower

  Le Bonheur reports increase in RSV cases

  Counselor addresses ways to prevent bullying

  Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) often mistaken for flu in babies

This is the time of year when babies start to come down with a virus that parents may mistake for the cold or flu, but it's actually something much more serious.

Talking to babies makes them smarter, study says

The toddlers whose parents had more back-and-forth conversations with them scored higher on IQ and vocabulary tests.

Family Health Focus at Free Summer Seminar Series

As the summer season heats up, Saint Francis Hospital is offering FREE family health seminars each month through August. (Now updated with events for June, July, & August)