Bottom Line: Danger of children having heatstrokes in hot cars

On average, 39 children in the U.S. die of heatstroke each year after being left in a hot car.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals how to make a will during a pandemic

Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to tame your technology

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals how to keep your utility down during the summer

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals affordable prescriptions during the pandemic

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals the future of 5G

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reviews best garbage disposals

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  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports says the best grills on the market

  The Investigators: Fewer homes, higher prices in the Memphis market

  Bottom Line: Consumer reports reveals ways to safety-proof your home

  Bottom Line: Consumer Report’s reveals 2020’s top-performing insect repellents

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reviews the top sunscreens for 2020

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals how to make your food last longer

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports gives tips and tricks for painting your home

Painting can transform a space, which makes it a particularly enticing project for the millions of people sheltering at home.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports breaks down best online game subscriptions

Looking for new ways to stay busy at home? What about video games?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports breaks down top-rated computers on the market

Trying to video-chat with friends or get some work or remote learning done from home but your computer just isn’t cutting it?

  E-commerce booming amid COVID-19 pandemic

While people are at home, online sales have skyrocketed in just a month. Adobe Analytics said online shopping has increased nearly 49 percent from March to April.

  Bottom Line: Eat from your pantry longer with tips from Consumer Reports

Memphis International Airport warning passengers about unofficial airport sites

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains what to do if an appliance breaks

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to clean your child’s car seat safely

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals spring cleaning products for your lawn

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports recommends tackling indoor chores while you’re home

  Bottom Line: Why you need a password manager

How many passwords are part of your digital life?

  Bottom Line: Keep reading in quarantine with Consumer Reports top rated E-readers

Maybe you’ve cleaned every closet and streamed every show of interest to you. What’s left to do at home? How about reading?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals ways to update new Facebook privacy settings

Facebook tracks us even when we’re not on Facebook.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to stay cyber safe while working from home

With so many people working from home and kids doing schoolwork on the same internet connection, chances are your WiFi is getting a workout - and hackers see an opportunity.

  List: Free meal distribution sites during COVID-19 outbreak

List of meal distribution sites for students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to get healthcare in the time of COVID-19

Even though the world's attention is focused on the coronavirus pandemic, adults and kids may still need a doctor for other reasons. But during these times, is it even safe to see your doctor?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals best ways to do laundry during coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has upended every aspect of our lives, including something as routine as doing laundry. How do you handle the laundry of someone with COVID-19, and are laundromats safe these days?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals best ways to clean reusable bags

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, a simple task like grocery shopping has become stressful for many people.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals ways to protect yourself in public during COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, people are being asked to limit the time they spend in public. There are essential things you may have to leave your house for - food, gas, cash.

Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains best ways to kill coronavirus in your car

Washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces are important in the fight against the coronavirus. One area you may have overlooked is your car.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to work from home

Many people are now working from home or participating in school from home because of the coronavirus.

  Wedding planner has advice for couples planning weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is shutting down cities across the country, and even impacting major milestones like weddings.

South Mississippi brewery now making hand sanitizer

While Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company is known for its beer and its pizza, they’re now rolling out two new items: rain water, and hand sanitizer.

  Bottom Line: When sneezing and sniffling may not mean allergies

It’s that time of year for sneezing, sniffling, and watery eyes. Allergy season is here! But maybe you feel like your seasonal allergies continue through the summer and fall, too. Consumer Reports says what you’re suffering from might not be caused by an allergy at all.

Bottom Line: Consumer Reports wants to know when was the last time you cleaned your oven?

Remember the holidays? Maybe you did lots of baking and roasting, perhaps even a turkey or two.

Airlines implement new ticket and cleaning policies in midst of coronavirus outbreak

As global COVID-19 cases grow by the day, some airlines are enhancing their cleaning practices and dropping fees for travel changes.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals best ways for buying eye glasses

Thinking about a fresh look for the new year? If that includes new glasses, Consumer Reports has advice from its readers on which retailers—online and in stores—they like the best.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports’ winter office survival guide

Office temperatures are sometimes unpredictable and often out of one’s control. So comfort-seeking workers are forced to take matters into their own shivering hands.

Kroger limiting orders of sanitization, cold and flu products

Kroger is limiting orders of some sanitization and cold and flu products after a rash of demand triggered by coronavirus fears.

  New report shows Top 10 Riskiest Scams of 2019

While most of the list looks pretty similar to last year, there’s a new entry to the list that caught experts off-guard.

BBB: Don’t fall for a coronavirus con

As coronavirus concerns grow, the Arkansas Better Business Bureau warns residents to not fall for a coronavirus con.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals smarter and safer car repairs

Many of today’s cars are engineered with the latest advanced safety features. They can watch the road, steer your vehicle back into its lane, and even automatically brake when a crash is imminent.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports picks best cars of 2020

Consumer Reports buys and tests about 50 new vehicles each year at its 327-acre test track, evaluating things like performance, fuel economy, and child seat installation.

  The Investigators: MLGW customers pay for millions of dollars in damages to utility lines

Over the past five years, Memphis Light, Gas and Water customers have paid millions to repair underground pipes.

  Consumer Reports: 2 words to watch out for in your next contract

Arbitration clauses are typically buried in the fine print of product manuals and websites. Most people don’t even realize they’re agreeing to them.

  Bottom Line: The truth about sleep medications

Tossing and turning all night long? If you’re having trouble sleeping, your doctor may suggest a drug or supplement to temporarily ease your insomnia.

  Bottom Line: Are leafy greens worth the risk?

If you think you can’t go wrong eating leafy greens like lettuce, kale, and spinach, you’re mostly right. They’ve been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, some cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

Analysts warn gas prices could rise in coming days

After weeks of significant drops, the price of gasoline continues to trickle down. But analysts warn, that could change in coming days.

  Bottom Line: New ways to use your waffle maker

The internet is teeming with foods you can “waffle,” everything from hash browns to grilled cheese sandwiches to puff pastry.

First Horizon Bank warns customers about fake phone calls and text messages targeting account information

In a warning posted on, the bank says their customers are being contacted by a spoofed telephone number that appears on caller ID as First Horizon Bank’s Customer Service department.

  Bottom Line: Tips to make any TV better

Whether you bought a brand-new big-screen TV or you’re trying to make the most of the one you’ve got, Consumer Reports said there are three features you should turn off for better picture quality!

Popular infant carrier sold at Target and Amazon recalled

The recall is due to a problem with the buckles on the carrier, which could cause the baby to fall out.

  Consumer Reports investigates the crash test bias and why female drivers are at risk

You might think that crash test dummies represent a wide range of drivers. But despite their blank faces and androgynous features, most dummies used in auto crash tests represent a very specific type of driver—an average adult male—which researchers say poses a safety risk for women.

MLGW announces upgrade to online account management feature

Memphis Light, Gas and Water are making a change this weekend by upgrading their online account management feature.

FedEx begins residential drone delivery testing in Virginia

The shipping giant is partnering with Wing Aviation to test residential drone delivery in Virginia.

  Bottom Line: Find some relief from hidden cable fees

Look closely at your cable bill-- you might be surprised to find fees you never heard of, driving up the cost: Broadcast TV fee, regional sports fee, set-top box or rental fees, and many more.

  Memphis International Airport experienced the busiest December in over a decade

The Memphis International Airport has been experiencing some major hustle and bustle.

  Bottom Line: The high toll of idling your car

How often do you start your car well before you leave in the morning so that it’s toasty when you’re ready to go? Or leave the engine running while you’re waiting to pick up your child?

  Bottom Line: Testing laundry stain removers

Stains are inevitable so that’s why Consumer Reports just compared several different concentrated, spray-on stain removers from Oxi Clean, Shout and Spray n Wash. CR tasked the stain removers with typical - yet difficult- stains.

  Bottom Line: Don’t ignore sugar substitutes hiding in kid friendly foods

If you’re trying to limit how much sugar your kids eat, you may be unknowingly feeding them sweeteners that might not be any healthier. Consumer Reports reveals how the label game is changing, and it has some advice on how to navigate the supermarket aisles.

Scammers may use coronavirus to hook victims

Disregard online offers for vaccinations against coronavirus because a vaccine does not exist.

More than 12,000 MLGW customers lose power overnight in Memphis

Thousands of MLGW customers woke up without power across the Bluff City.

Tennessee Lottery announced $50,000 Powerball winner in Memphis

Somone in Memphis is $50,000 richer thanks to the Powerball.

  Bottom Line: Comparing streaming music providers

Over the past decade, streaming music has surpassed both digital downloads and physical products like CDs and records, and is now 80% of the U.S. music market.

  Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets now available in Mississippi

Lottery fans in Mississippi are rejoicing! Jan. 30 was the first day you could buy Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets in Mississippi.

RECALL: Federal agency recalls more infant inclined sleepers

More infant sleepers recalled due to suffocation risk

  Bottom Line: Which seafood choices are healthier for your diet

If eating healthier is one of your New Year’s resolutions, maybe you’re thinking about adding seafood to your diet. It can be loaded with nutrients, but some varieties provide more health benefits than others, and a few might even pose a health risk.

  Bottom Line: Thinking of cutting the cord? Consumer Reports breaks down streaming video services

How do you know which ones provide the content you want, and how much do you have to pay to get it?

  Amazon breaks ground on state-of-the-art fulfillment center in Raleigh

Just three short months after finalizing a deal with Amazon, officials broke ground on the new state-of-the-art facility in Raleigh Monday morning.

  United Way of the Mid-South offering free tax help

Tax season is officially here. Monday, the IRS began accepting 2019 tax returns.

U.S. Postal Service reveals Forever Stamp at St. Jude Children’s Hospital

The U.S. Postal Service unveiled its latest Love series stamp right here in Memphis.

  Bottom Line: The best ways to get out of a timeshare contract

If winter weather has you dreaming of a warmer vacation spot, maybe you’re considering a timeshare. It might sound like a good option, and buying one is often easy.

  $245 million project underway at the Memphis International Airport

A multi-year plan to modernize and expand the Memphis International Airport is moving along.

FedEx Ground offering deliveries on Sunday

FedEx Ground has officially started delivering “FedEx Home Delivery” packages on Sundays.

FedEx is warning customers about a text, email scam

Don’t click on the link! That’s what FedEx is telling consumers dealing with a text and email scam.

  Bottom Line: Researching the safest generator before you buy

Generators are emergency equipment that can be a lifesaver during a power outage but a killer when used improperly.

  Bottom Line: Can luggage really last a lifetime?

Your checklist for a good piece of luggage is probably pretty simple: It should hold what you need and be tough enough to survive baggage handlers when you have to check it. A Consumer Reports survey of more than 38,000 members reveals which brands to pick before you pack.

  BBB warns Mid-South homeowners of storm cleanup scams

Natural disasters, like the twisters that touched down in the Mid-South this past weekend, often show the best of humanity, with people stepping up to help those in need.