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  Amazon taking extra precautions against COVID-19 ahead of Prime Day

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  The Investigators: Ticket companies are refusing refunds for canceled and postponed events. Here’s what you can expect.

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Consumer Reports says that a few easy adjustments can ensure a safe and comfortable mask-wearing experience for everyone.

  Bottom Line: Best jogging strollers

Because many gyms are still closed, lots of parents are looking for new and fun ways to get exercise.

  What does payroll tax deferral mean for employees?

On Sept. 1, employers nationwide were given the option to temporarily defer employees’ social security tax. But what does this mean for employees?

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When you’re whipping up a smoothie, the order you add the ingredients to your blender makes a big difference, Consumer Reports says.

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Comcast experiencing outages in the Mid-South

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Nerf Super Soaker water blasters being recalled by Hasbro Inc.

  Bottom Line: Airline problems with COVID-19

As Consumer Reports points out, inconsistencies in government and airline policies have caused headaches since the early days of the pandemic.

  Bottom Line: Keyboard and mice that fight fatigue

How many hours a day do you spend using a computer?

Kroger recalls cheese dips due to possible salmonella contamination

Kroger Delta Division is recalling some cheese dips sold in its deli departments due to a potential salmonella contamination.

  Bottom Line: Best laundry detergent

Testers use fabric swatches soaked with tough stains like blood, dirt, grass, coffee to determine how well detergents work.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reviews school supplies for the new normal

How did at-home learning go for your family this past school year?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals best phones for the price

This is the time of year when fancy new phones hit the market, often with faster processors, better cameras, and higher prices.

  Tax-free weekend starts July 31 in the Mid-South

For Mid-South families needing to do some back to school shopping, this may be the best weekend to get started.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals how to get more financial aid if you need it

The coronavirus pandemic began at a time when many students and their parents were finalizing college plans.

  Tennessee tax-free weekend starts Friday

It is that time of year again. Families who are planning to do some back to school shopping will probably want to take advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday that kicks off Friday in Tennessee.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports says COVID-19 scams on the rise

As if the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t hit consumers hard enough, there’s a huge spike in scams related to COVID-19.

Miss. Sales Tax Holiday is Friday, July 31

Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday is nearly here, and there’s a few things you should know before you head to the stores.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reviews best mini projectors for backyard movies

The mini projectors included in the test range in price from $100 to $500.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports discusses vacation rental safety

Summer vacations are anything but normal this year.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports gives beach tips for the summer

With recent spikes in coronavirus cases, especially in some popular vacation spots, is it still safe to plan outdoor pool or beach time this summer?

  Bottom Line: Danger of children having heatstrokes in hot cars

On average, 39 children in the U.S. die of heatstroke each year after being left in a hot car.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals the benefits of buying a home during the pandemic

With record unemployment and a volatile stock market, we are living in uncertain economic times, to say the least, so you might think buying a home would be the last thing you’d want to do.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports recommends how to eat during a meat shortage

One of the joys of summer is grilling on the patio or in the backyard.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals how to make a will during a pandemic

The pandemic has left many industries struggling to stay afloat. But there are a few that have seen an uptick in business, including companies that prepare wills and other end-of-life legal documents.

Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to tame your technology

Because we’re spending more time at home these days, there’s a good chance you’re spending more money on things like streaming media services or music subscriptions, faster internet speed, or a new router or computer.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals how to keep your utility down during the summer

Your commuting costs might be down but if you’re still sheltering at home, your energy bills might be creeping up.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals affordable prescriptions during the pandemic

Millions of Americans haven’t just lost their paychecks, they’ve also lost their health insurance.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals the future of 5G

You’ve most likely heard of the 5G cellular network, maybe from TV commercials.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reviews best garbage disposals

With most of us spending more time at home and in the kitchen, trash is piling up. A good way to de-funk things is to put less garbage in the can by using a disposal.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports says the best grills on the market

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately, so you might be getting sick of cooking in the kitchen.

  The Investigators: Fewer homes, higher prices in the Memphis market

Memphis is a seller’s market right now.

  Bottom Line: Consumer reports reveals ways to safety-proof your home

Parents have been juggling a lot lately as kids are spending more time at home.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Report’s reveals 2020’s top-performing insect repellents

Consumer Reports can help you pick the best insect repellent to keep you safer outside.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reviews the top sunscreens for 2020

Spring and summer trips to the beach may be few and far between during the coronavirus pandemic.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals how to make your food last longer

Now that we’re limiting trips to the grocery store and food deliveries can be few and far between, managing the food we already have is more important than ever.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports gives tips and tricks for painting your home

Painting can transform a space, which makes it a particularly enticing project for the millions of people sheltering at home.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports breaks down best online game subscriptions

Looking for new ways to stay busy at home? What about video games?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports breaks down top-rated computers on the market

Trying to video-chat with friends or get some work or remote learning done from home but your computer just isn’t cutting it?

  E-commerce booming amid COVID-19 pandemic

While people are at home, online sales have skyrocketed in just a month. Adobe Analytics said online shopping has increased nearly 49 percent from March to April.

  Bottom Line: Eat from your pantry longer with tips from Consumer Reports

Are you suddenly making three meals a day plus snacks for your stay-at-home family?

Memphis International Airport warning passengers about unofficial airport sites

Memphis International Airport is warning its passengers about visiting unofficial airport websites that may contain inaccurate information about MEM and other airport services.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains what to do if an appliance breaks

Consumer Reports has some advice about what to do if a major appliance in your home breaks during the coronavirus pandemic.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to clean your child’s car seat safely

The coronavirus pandemic has many of us on a disinfecting spree.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals spring cleaning products for your lawn

You’re probably spending more time than ever inside your home because of the coronavirus pandemic. But what about those spring cleanup projects you’d like to tackle outside?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports recommends tackling indoor chores while you’re home

Chances are you’re spending a lot more time at home these days, which means it’s a great time to tackle that to-do list once and for all.

  Bottom Line: Why you need a password manager

How many passwords are part of your digital life?

  Bottom Line: Keep reading in quarantine with Consumer Reports top rated E-readers

Maybe you’ve cleaned every closet and streamed every show of interest to you. What’s left to do at home? How about reading?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals ways to update new Facebook privacy settings

Facebook tracks us even when we’re not on Facebook.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to stay cyber safe while working from home

With so many people working from home and kids doing schoolwork on the same internet connection, chances are your WiFi is getting a workout - and hackers see an opportunity.

  List: Free meal distribution sites during COVID-19 outbreak

List of meal distribution sites for students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to get healthcare in the time of COVID-19

Even though the world's attention is focused on the coronavirus pandemic, adults and kids may still need a doctor for other reasons. But during these times, is it even safe to see your doctor?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals best ways to do laundry during coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has upended every aspect of our lives, including something as routine as doing laundry. How do you handle the laundry of someone with COVID-19, and are laundromats safe these days?

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals best ways to clean reusable bags

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, a simple task like grocery shopping has become stressful for many people.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals ways to protect yourself in public during COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, people are being asked to limit the time they spend in public. There are essential things you may have to leave your house for - food, gas, cash.

Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains best ways to kill coronavirus in your car

Washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces are important in the fight against the coronavirus. One area you may have overlooked is your car.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports explains how to work from home

Many people are now working from home or participating in school from home because of the coronavirus.

  Wedding planner has advice for couples planning weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is shutting down cities across the country, and even impacting major milestones like weddings.

South Mississippi brewery now making hand sanitizer

While Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company is known for its beer and its pizza, they’re now rolling out two new items: rain water, and hand sanitizer.

  Bottom Line: When sneezing and sniffling may not mean allergies

It’s that time of year for sneezing, sniffling, and watery eyes. Allergy season is here! But maybe you feel like your seasonal allergies continue through the summer and fall, too. Consumer Reports says what you’re suffering from might not be caused by an allergy at all.

Bottom Line: Consumer Reports wants to know when was the last time you cleaned your oven?

Remember the holidays? Maybe you did lots of baking and roasting, perhaps even a turkey or two.

Airlines implement new ticket and cleaning policies in midst of coronavirus outbreak

As global COVID-19 cases grow by the day, some airlines are enhancing their cleaning practices and dropping fees for travel changes.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports reveals best ways for buying eye glasses

Thinking about a fresh look for the new year? If that includes new glasses, Consumer Reports has advice from its readers on which retailers—online and in stores—they like the best.

  Bottom Line: Consumer Reports’ winter office survival guide

Office temperatures are sometimes unpredictable and often out of one’s control. So comfort-seeking workers are forced to take matters into their own shivering hands.

Kroger limiting orders of sanitization, cold and flu products

Kroger is limiting orders of some sanitization and cold and flu products after a rash of demand triggered by coronavirus fears.