‘The bus driver locked me underneath the bus:' Woman cries for help in 911 call

She called from the belly of a moving bus

WILLINGTON, Conn. (CNN/Gray News) – Authorities released a 911 call this week of a woman’s frantic call to state police after she was locked in the luggage compartment of a bus.

The 32-year-old from Long Beach, N.Y., spent about 30 miles in the vehicle’s undercarriage before authorities found the bus and pulled it over.

The incident happened in August and involved a vehicle operated by Peter Pan Bus Lines.

Dispatcher: "911. Location of your emergency?”

Woman: “Hi, I have no battery left. I’m not OK. The bus driver locked me underneath the bus – a Peter Bus going en route to Boston.”

Dispatcher: “The bus driver is under the bus?”

Woman: “No, she locked me under the bus with the luggage.”

Dispatcher: “She locked you under the bus?”

Woman: “Yes, I’m under the bus with the luggage and I’m afraid. … I need help. Nobody knows where I am.”

Dispatcher: “OK, where is the bus?”

Woman: “I don’t know. We just left Hartford. I got out and went to get something … and she closed the door and we’re riding a Peter Pan bus en route to Boston. … I’m so scared. Please help.”

As the dispatcher alerted troopers along the projected route to look for the bus, the woman can be heard crying over the phone before the line disconnects.

The bus was pulled over near the town of Union and the woman was freed from the belly of the bus. She wasn’t injured, Connecticut State Police said.

Prosecutors initially charged Wendy Helena Alberty of Brooklyn, N. Y., with unlawful restraint and reckless endangerment, but those charges have been dropped against the 49-year-old.

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