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Louisiana House passes marijuana decriminalization bill

Louisiana State Representatives have passed a measure that would make possessing 14 grams of marijuana or less a misdemeanor. Taking away the possibility of jail time and reducing the maximum penalty to a $100 fine.

Mississippi to end additional federal unemployment benefits in June

  Tennessee governor: Time for sporting events to return to full capacity

  Tennessee lawmaker criticized over comments on ‘Three-Fifths Compromise’ during debate over critical race theory bill

  New ballot initiative could bring early voting to Mississippi

  Memphis City Council to vote on future of Byhalia Pipeline

Tennessee lawmakers to discuss natural hair bill this week

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Can the nation avoid an eviction wave?

  Tennessee bill requiring women to bury, cremate remains after an abortion heads to governor’s desk

House Republicans pass bill requiring women to pay for burial, cremation of an aborted fetus

  Taking a look into Pres. Biden’s ‘Gun Show Loophole’ claims

  House Committee advances bill on slavery reparations

  Tennessee lawmakers react to President Biden’s executive actions

Permitless carry bill becomes law with Tennessee governor’s signature

It allows Tennesseans over 21 and members of the military over 18 to carry a handgun without a permit. It also includes tougher penalties for gun-related crimes.

  Will controversial transgender laws hurt Arkansas?

State lawmakers in the Republican-dominated legislature overrode Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto of House Bill 1570 by a large margin.

  Sec. of State says woke, uninformed college students could sway elections under voter reform

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson spoke out against voting reform efforts.

Tennessee governor joins GOP push against vaccine passports

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has joined fellow Republicans nationwide to advocate against COVID-19 vaccine passports, which are being developed to let inoculated people travel, shop and dine more freely.

  Arkansas governor vetoes bill that would have banned gender-affirming treatments for minors

  Mississippi Republicans speak out against Biden’s infrastructure plan

Mississippi health officials drafting regulations for medical marijuana

Criminal-justice reform bill passed in Senate and House

  Arkansas could become first state to ban gender-affirming treatment for youth

  Controversial permitless carry bill passes Tenn. Legislature, toughens penalties for gun-related crimes

Lawmakers pass bill allowing permitless carry in Tennessee

Lawmakers passed a bill Monday night allowing some Tennesseans to carry a handgun without a permit.

  Mid-South states pass controversial bills impacting transgender community

Lawmakers in all three Mid-South states have passed legislation in recent weeks that critics say discriminates against the transgender community.

  Local gun stores see uptick in sales when gun control discussions start

“It’s been a great year to be in the firearm industry."

  Special prosecutor examining Commissioner Ford in ethics case

A special prosecutor is now examining the case of Shelby County Commissioner Edmund Ford, Jr. and how he handled a county grant for Junior Achievement.

Arkansas lawmakers OK ultrasound requirement for abortions

Legislation is headed to the governor’s desk to require Arkansas women undergoing an abortion to first view an ultrasound.

Miss. one of 21 GOP-led states suing Biden over Keystone XL rejection

The lawsuit claims the president did not have the authority to revoke a permit for the pipeline.

  Gov. Reeves signs bill banning trans athletes from school sports

It’s called the Mississippi Fairness Act.

  Al Gore to visit Memphis for rally against Byhalia Pipeline

Former Vice President Al Gore is planning a trip to the Bluff City. According to the news release, Gore plans to attend a rally that will be against the Byhalia Pipeline.

  Commission votes to move controversial Nathan Bedford Forrest bust from State Capitol

The Tennessee Historical Commission has voted to move the controversial bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Tennessee State Capitol.

Gov. Reeves refuses to say Biden’s election was legitimate; denounces mail-in voting

In an interview Sunday night with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves was given several chances to say if he believed President Joe Biden was legitimately and lawfully elected.

  Mid-South senators oppose $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package

While polls show many Americans support the measure, in particular the $1,400 stimulus checks, Mid-South senators do not.

Wicker, Hyde-Smith decry Senate’s decision to exclude pro-life amendments from relief bill

Hyde-Smith, Wicker wanted pro-life amendment included in relief bill.

Gov. Reeves will sign bill to ‘protect girls’ from transgender athletes

The Human Rights Campaign believes the law will immediately end up in a court battle.

Gov. Hutchinson signs “Stand Your Ground Bill”

Supporters of the bill say it will help people protect themselves in a dangerous situation, while opponents said it would create a dangerous precedent.

  Mid-South advocacy groups respond to passage of LGBTQ+ Equality Act

Despite major steps forward when it comes to equality for the LGBTQ+ community, there is still a lack of legal protections, and many are hoping the Equality Act will change that.

  Senator files bill to protect Memphis water from proposed pipeline

Sen. Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) has plans to introduce a bill to protect Memphis water from a controversial proposed pipeline.

  Memphis City Council to vote on resolution opposing Byhalia Pipeline

Tuesday, the Memphis City Council will vote on a resolution opposing the Byhalia Pipeline, a pipeline that would cut through southwest Memphis and north Mississippi.

Miss. congressman sues Trump over role in Capitol riot

A Democratic congressman has sued Donald Trump, alleging Trump incited the deadly insurrection at the Capitol.

‘President Trump’s speech neither implicitly nor explicitly encouraged the use of violence’: Sen. Hyde-Smith issues statement on impeachment vote against conviction

The Senate acquitted the former President on a 57-43 vote. Sixty-seven votes are required for conviction.

  Tennessee US senators call second impeachment trial ‘unconstitutional’

Tuesday night both Hagerty and Blackburn voted against holding this trial along with 42 of their Republican colleagues.

  Mid-South senators vote against proceeding with Trump impeachment trial

Trump is accused of inciting the violent mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

  Mississippi Senate passes multiple bills including teacher loan repayment, voting machine standards

Several bills were passed in both chambers Thursday. Here are some of the Senate highlights.

State Rep. seeks to end Daylight Saving Time in Arkansas

A bill brought before the Arkansas House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs would end Daylight Saving Time in the state.

Sen. Cruz reintroduces amendment imposing term limits on members of Congress

Indiana Sen. Todd Young and Sen. Mike Braun are among those reintroducing the amendment with Cruz.

  GOP candidates for Arkansas governor react to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ entrance into race

“Her pledge to ban sanctuary cities would have been a great line in a speech in 2019, but not in 2021," said her opponent Lt. Governor Tim Griffin.

  Sarah Huckabee Sanders jumps into Arkansas governor’s race

Donald Trump's ex-spokesperson joins the race for Arkansas' governor.

  Memphis woman appointed to Biden-Harris administration

More roles are being filled as the Biden-Harris administration enters its first full week in office. We now know a Mid-South native will work as a senior political appointee with the Department of Education.

Hyde-Smith tweets Biden admin. killed ‘thousands of American jobs’ after Keystone pipeline halted

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is tweeting her frustration after construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

  President Biden proposes sweeping immigration reform bill

President Joe Biden is spending his first hours in office undoing many pieces of legislation.

  Immigration advocates looking forward to positive change with Biden’s executive orders

President Joe Biden already using several executive orders to start enacting his agenda just hours after his inauguration.

  Mid-South Congress members, governors react to Biden-Harris inauguration

Front and center at the inauguration was the Democrat from Memphis, U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen.

  Black Mid-South leaders inspired by VP Kamala Harris’ new role in the White House

This year’s inauguration looked different than ever before, and many are inspired more than ever.

  New bill would pull funding from Tennessee schools that don’t return to the classroom

If passed, the bill would require local school districts to provide in-person instruction for at least 70 days this school year and the full 180 days next year.

  Shelby County considers barring Trump’s name from appearing on buildings, other sites

A county commissioner introduced a resolution that would prohibit the naming of any Shelby County-owned property after Trump.

  SCS 5th graders react to VP Kamala Harris taking office

With pearls delicately hanging from their necks, 5th graders at Rozelle Creative and Performing Arts Elementary dressed the part to watch this historic inauguration.

Tennessee town lowers flags in response to Biden inauguration

The Town of Bruceton lowered its flags Wednesday, in part, in response to the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

3 from the Mid-South pardoned by President Trump

On the last day of his presidency, President Donald Trump pardoned 73 people.

  Gov. Lee issues new executive order lifting some restrictions on social gatherings, sporting event attendance

Governor Bill Lee issued a new executive order Tuesday lifting some gathering restrictions put in place at the end of 2020.

  Special legislative session begins in Tenn. to address learning loss, other issues caused by pandemic

Governor Bill Lee called for the special session on Tuesday. Not only will it involve discussing learning loss, but also funding, accountability, literacy, and teacher pay.

  TSU, JSU bands to participate in event leading to Biden inauguration

Tennessee State University’s Aristocrat of Bands and Jackson State University’s Sonic Boom of the South Marching Band will be featured in a virtual event leading up to the presidential inauguration on Wednesday.

  Fight for $15: Memphis fast-food workers push for minimum wage increase

Friday, fast-food workers across the country made a call to action by staging a strike.

Tennessee governor faces criticism for approach to virus

As Tennessee has fueled one of the nation’s worst COVID-19 surges for weeks, Gov. Bill Lee’s approach hasn’t strayed much from how he and several fellow Republican governors battling similar spikes have long approached the virus.

  Memphis man arrested in connection with riots at US Capitol

A Memphis resident was arrested for federal offenses allegedly committed at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

  Tennessee governor signs Medicaid block grant waiver

After passing both the House and Senate, Tennessee will become the first state to get Medicaid funding in a lump sum.

  Tenn. Congressman Steve Cohen introduces $15 minimum wage bill

Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee has introduced a bill that could increase the federal minimum wage to $15.

Mississippi National Guard activated for presidential inauguration

The Mississippi National Guard is preparing to send service members to Washington D.C. to provide additional security for President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration on Wednesday, January 20.

Arkansas sends National Guardsmen to Biden inauguration

The Arkansas National Guard is sending 500 soldiers and airmen to Washington to assist with security for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

  Mid-South lawmakers split on Trump’s second impeachment

The U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump in response to the riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

  Mid-South lawmakers cast votes on impeachment of President Trump

We’ve been watching the impeachment debate in the U.S. House of Representatives throughout the day for remarks and statements from Mid-South lawmakers.

  Tennessee congressman delivers fiery speech during Trump impeachment debate

With 30 seconds to speak, Cohen cited the first impeachment, last week’s Capitol riot and his concerns for future violence.

Justin Timberlake to perform during Biden inauguration special

Timberlake will perform a new song called “Better Days" during a 90-minute inauguration special Jan. 20.

Federal appeals court puts 2 Arkansas abortion restrictions on hold

This week a federal appeals court put two Arkansas abortion restrictions on hold.

Arkansas governor says he wants Trump administration to end

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he wants President Donald Trump’s administration to end, but the Republican isn’t joining calls for Trump’s resignation or impeachment.

  Hunt for people involved in Capitol riot moves closer to Mid-South

An Arkansas man who went viral after being photographed sitting in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office chair during Wednesday’s Capitol siege was arrested Friday.

  FBI searches homes, offices of state Republicans as part of investigation into Glen Casada’s office

House Speaker Cameron Sexton provided details in a news conference late Friday morning saying the searches are part of an ongoing investigation connected to former House Speaker Glen Casada’s office.

Effort in Arkansas to enact hate crimes law in jeopardy

An effort to enact a hate crimes law in Arkansas is in jeopardy, despite a push by the state’s popular Republican governor and major corporations.

Medical marijuana initiative continues to be challenged in state supreme court

Madison mayor seeks to have Initiative 65A tossed.

Tennessee congressman introducing resolution to abolish Electoral College

A news release from his office calls the Electoral College an “archaic institution” that has in the last two decades twice given the White House to a candidate who did not win the popular vote, “defeating the will of the American people.”