Investigators: Questions surround Mississippi man’s death in police custody as lawsuit is filed

Robert Loggins, 26, died inside the Grenada County Jail Nov. 29, 2018 and his death was ruled accidental by the state medical examiner’s office. Jailhouse video, officer interviews and a lawsuit are now calling into question how Loggins died and why.

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The Investigators: Thousands of pounds of toxic gas released during Valero incident

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  Investigators: After years-long, county-wide food desert, Mississippi county finally gets own grocery store

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  Investigators: How much did the Valero flare impact the community

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  Investigators: State says new evidence shows no expired doses were given but investigation continues

  5 Star Stories Black History: The story behind Rust College

The liberal arts college is one of only ten Historically Black Colleges and Universities founded before 1868 still operating today.

  Investigators: State says expired vaccines not dangerous but still investigating whether any were given

“I’m very concerned. I’m 82 years old and I want to be here a little longer,” he said.

  Investigators: Memphis-area residents lost more money to scams last year than any other city in Tennessee

A new report from the Mid-South Better Business Bureau shows the amount of money stolen by scammers in this area was more than Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga combined.

  Investigators: What if the state says you received expired COVID-19 vaccine dose?

WMC Action News 5 viewers are worried they may have received an expired dose and what that would mean.

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  The Investigators: State investigating if Shelby County residents received expired COVID-19 vaccine doses

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5 Star Stories Black History Month: Clayborn Temple, the birthplace of Memphis’ civil rights movement

  The Investigators: Crooks pose as government agency to scam Mid-Southerners

  5 Star Stories honors Black history: Clayborn Temple -- Tuesday at 10

  Memphis homeowners lost their houses in environmental court. Now a DC law firm is suing

A federal lawsuit filed against Shelby County Environmental court claims the court illegally forced two home owners out of their own homes that they’d live in for decades.

  5 Star Stories Black History Month: How Soulsville’s past now shaping the future

This 5 Star Story not only celebrates Black History Month, but it also shows how Soulsville’s past is shaping the future.

  Homeless by court order -- Thursday at 10

The phrase “there’s no place like home” has a new meaning for two Mid-Southerners who say Shelby County Environmental Court illegally forced them out of their homes.

  The Investigators: Mid-Southerners targeted by vaccine scams

With so much confusion about who’s eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, shot locations and hours, scammers are taking advantage of the disorganization.

  The Long Wait: Americans stuck waiting months for disability benefit decisions

Some Americans are waiting months and even years for a decision on whether they will get disability payments.

  The Investigators: Concerns over non-diverse jury may continue to delay Shelby County trials

There are specific concerns over who is willing and able to serve on jury duty.

  5 Star Stories celebrates Black History Month at Soulsville USA -- Tuesday at 10

It’s a 5 Star Story honoring Black History Month -- Tuesday on WMC Action News 5 at 10.

  Historic Hattiloo Theater is one of only 4 Black theaters in the country

Hattiloo Theatre is the only free-standing black repertory theater in the Mid-South.

  The Investigators: Justice delayed in Shelby County court means Constitutional issues for accused, victims

Courtrooms are simply too small to meet social distance safety protocols and that leaves the constitutional rights of both the victims and the accused hanging in the balance.

  The Investigators: COVID-19 courtroom crisis Thursday at 10

The Investigators dig into the COVID-19 courtroom crisis Thursday on WMC Action News 5 at 10.

  5 Star Stories Black History Month: African American culture through the lens of Dr. Ernest C. Withers

Memphis’ iconic “Withers Collection Museum and Gallery” showcases the stunning photographic works of Dr. Ernest C. Withers.

  5 Star Stories: The story of Memphis’ role in the road to freedom on the Underground Railroad

Memphis folklore tells of a lesser-known “conductor” on the Underground Railroad -- a man whose home served as a hideout for slaves on their journey to freedom.

  Medication Mistakes: They can be a matter of life or death

Common errors include prescribers mixing up similar sounding prescription names, pharmacists giving the wrong medication to the wrong patient and patients misunderstanding dosing instructions.

  5 Star Stories: Broad Avenue Arts District boasts quirky stores and eclectic eateries

From quirky stores to eclectic eateries, Broad Avenue grew into a national model for grassroots economic revitalization.

  The Investigators: Unemployed Mid-Southerners report their benefits are going elsewhere after accounts hacked

Some unemployed Tennesseans are contacting the WMC Action News 5 Investigators saying other people are getting their unemployment money because their account information was changed without their knowledge.

  5 Star Stories: Shelby Forest General Store’s magic grill and cozy ways draw locals, celebs

It is a destination for celebrities and international tourists looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  The Investigators: What you need to know about new unemployment benefits in the Mid-South

For the thousands of unemployed Mid-Southerners, there is a bit of good news. More unemployment benefits are on the way.

  5 Star Stories: A look into the gems of Memphis’ Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

The Memphis Rock ’n’ Soul Museum has been a Memphis gem for 20 years now although many of you may know little about it, except for its rockin’ signage outside FedExForum.

  5 Star Stories Studio Sessions: Memphis’ Sun Studio -- the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Ike Turner composed Sun’s first song, as other artists like Rufus Thomas took to the mic. Breaking racial barriers.

  The Investigators: Available hospital beds plummet across Mid-South after post-Thanksgiving surge

The number of available hospital beds is plummeting across the Mid-South after, what health officials call, a post-Thanksgiving surge in COVID-19 cases.

  The Investigators: TSA is finding more guns at airports with far fewer passengers

As airport traffic is expected to rise over the holiday, a troubling trend inside Mid-South airports has the TSA on high alert.

  The Investigators: Why hasn’t Tennessee administered the COVID-19 vaccine yet?

In Tennessee, where the number of coronavirus cases is skyrocketing, neither hospitals nor the state have administered a single dose.

  5 Star Stories Studio Sessions: Ardent Studios and its big stars

What began as a dream for three high school sophomores is now a music mainstay on Memphis’ Madison Avenue.

  The Investigators: Fans stuck with hundreds of dollars in tickets after pandemic brings concert cancellations

The pandemic canceled concerts and sporting events leaving fans with millions of dollars in unused tickets.

  The Investigators: Children’s Service’s commissioner says kids were not left in unsafe environments in response to state report

Children who are abused, neglected, and delinquent in Tennessee are supposed to be helped by the Department of Children’s Services.

  5 Star Stories Studio Sessions: A rare look inside Sam Phillips Recording Studio

He launched Elvis Presley’s career: Sam Phillips, the founder of one of Memphis’ first and most noted record labels.

  5 Star Stories Studio Sessions: ‘Boo’ Mitchell talks Royal Studios

As part of WMC Action News 5′s special “Studio Sessions” 5 Star Stories series, we take you inside another legendary Memphis recording studio to hear from hitmaker Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell.

  5 Star Stories Studio Sessions: VIP access to soul man David Porter

To kick off our 5 Star Stories Studio Sessions series, legendary soul man David Porter gave WMC Action News 5′s Kontji Anthony uncharted access to his music empire.

  The Investigators: MPD excessive force complaints rarely get more than an internal review

Daniel Jefferson says his life changed forever five years ago. On April 2, 2015, he was driving on Hester Road in Whitehaven, and someone pulled behind him.

  The Investigators: What to do if someone threatens that your Social Security number, benefits are being suspended

If you don’t recognize the number calling you, don’t answer. If you do answer, and hear a robocall, hang up immediately.

Pattern of Protection

Families of those injured or killed by police say union contracts are protecting "bad apples" and stop police leadership from being able to have oversight. Union officials say police are highly scrutinized and need collective bargaining agreements.

  Shot to the System: Memphis children’s hospital overwhelmed by young shooting victims

LeBonheur Children’s Hospital says it’s treated more gunshot victims this year than ever before.

  Tonight at 10: The Investigators dig into Memphis' gun violence and its young victims

Tonight at 10, we’re tracking what the health department calls an epidemic impacting our communities and hospitals -- gun violence and the young victims caught in the crossfire.

  5 Star Stories: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler celebrates 50 years inside the ring

We don’t often do 5 Star Stories about people, but there are some folks in the Mid-South who have to be labeled a crown jewel.

  The Investigators: Tennessee woman scammed by lover found on internet; romance and sextortion scams on the rise

Dating-site traffic is up and so are the number of scammers on those sites who say they want your love, but really want your money.

  Tonight at 10: Romance scams in the age of COVID-19

Traffic on dating sites is up and the Investigators warn so are they numbers of scammers on those sites.

  The Investigators: Where you live could determine whether you’ll survive COVID-19

Where you live plays a major role in whether you’ll survive COVID-19 if you contract the disease.

  Tonight at 10: The Investigators reveal where you live may affect whether you survive COVID-19

The Investigators' Jessica Jaglois is giving a sneak peek at tonight’s story at 10 a.m. in a live discussion with Andrew Douglas. Watch here.

  Nurse practitioner field grapples with question of whether to standardize curriculum nationwide

Nurse practitioners are questioning their own education at some colleges. There’s no national standard on how to educate nurse practitioners, while medical education for doctors was standardized more than 100 years ago.

  The Investigators: Employment scams rampant in Mid-South; woman is threatened after accepting fake job

Mid-Southerners looking for safe work options during the pandemic are becoming victims of employment scams.

  Is that new work-from-home job on the up and up? The Investigators dig into online job postings tonight at 10

Looking for work during the pandemic? We have a new warning about some online job postings. Watch this story tonight at 10 on WMC Action News 5.

  The Investigators: After he was murdered, his wife got his killer’s properties and thousands of dollars in back taxes

The widow of a Shelby County code enforcement officer murdered on the job is now on the hook for money owed by the man who killed her husband.

  Tonight at 10: Nearly 20 years after her husband’s murder, widow gets stuck with his killer’s tax bill

For the past five years, Francis Wright has been trying to settle a debt her husband’s killer had with the Shelby County Trustee’s Office -- thousands of dollars in back taxes owed on properties awarded to her in a civil judgment.

  Penalties at Play: Millions of dollars flow to nursing homes from fines they have paid for poor care

Every year millions of dollars flow to nursing homes from a fund that is padded with fines collected from long-term care facilities that inspections show have put the health and safety of residents in jeopardy.

  5 Star Stories: Highlighting the best of the Mid-South (part 2)

Each week, WMC highlights the people, places and things that make us proud to call the Mid-South home. In case you’ve missed our 5 Star Stories, here are some of our favorites.

  The Investigators: Quitman County will finally get its first grocery store in 3 years

For years now, the people of Quitman County, Mississippi have been without easy access to fresh food.

  The Investigators: Hundreds of Mid-Southerners have reported scams this year. This tool may help you avoid becoming a victim

“Scammers play on that desperation,” said Daniel Irwin, who does research and investigations for the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South. “They play on the need for money, they play on the need for assistance.”

  5 Star Stories: Highlighting the best of the Mid-South (part 1)

In case you’ve missed our 5 Star Stories, here are some of our favorites.

  The Investigators: Voting equipment became more expensive after elections administrator’s modifications

Shelby County voters will choose their preferred candidates next month using machines that have been in operation for over a decade.

  5 Star Stories: Pink Palace Museum is a mansion full of memories

This 6,500 square-foot mansion along Memphis' Central Avenue, with that signature pink Georgia marble façade, is a sentimental sight for so many Mid-Southerners.

  5 Star Stories: Memphians and tourists alike can’t stay away from BBQ at The Rendezvous

While ribs have been a staple at backyard barbecues for years, this 5 Star Story focuses on the restaurant credited with setting the standard for “Memphis-style” ribs more than 70 years ago.

  5 Star Stories: Shelby Farms Greenline viewed as the great equalizer

The Shelby Farms Greenline stretches from the heart of Binghampton to the heart of Cordova, connecting people from all walks of life with our community’s open spaces.

  The Investigators: How virtual schooling could impact parents’ mental health

More parents reaching out for support as they deal with stress from the pandemic and the de facto home-schooling that comes with virtual classes.

  5 Star Stories: Honoring our Delta Heritage and Tina Turner

he West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center is our latest 5 Star Story. It’s hidden behind service stations and fast food restaurants just off I-40 near Brownsville on Sunny Hill Cove in what was once a Western Sizzlin', and it’s truly a hidden gem.

  The Investigators: The field trip has gone virtual. Will the places that rely on the revenue survive?

In this time of social distancing and virtual learning, the field trip now looks different. The hands-on experience a field trip usually offers has been brought to an online platform.

  5 Star Stories: Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park offers a dose of the great outdoors

If the pandemic has you feeling cooped up in your home lately, Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park could be the remedy to your cabin fever.

  The Investigators: Private school applications spike as public schools go virtual

Public schools have reduced the number of days children are in an actual classroom or canceled in-person classes completely. Meanwhile, many area private schools plan to bring students on campus five days a week, and many of those schools have seen a higher number of applications this semester.

  5 Star Stories: Brussel’s Bonsai Nursery, the largest of its kind in the US

Brussell’s Bonsai Nursery, the largest bonsai nursery in the United States, is certainly worthy of a 5 Star Story.