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  13 deaths, 789 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Shelby County

The City of Memphis confirmed 789 cases of the coronavirus and 11 deaths across Shelby County.

  Best Life: Talking to kids about coronavirus

  Mid-South Food Bank distributing to those in need via ‘Mobile Food Pantries’

Arkansas reports 853 positive tests for COVID-19; death toll at 16

  Memphis Tourism giving job opportunities to furloughed hospitality workers

  List of resources: Everything you need to know during the COVID-19 outbreak

Police locate missing 23-year-old woman

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  Faith leaders preparing for Easter Sunday in empty churches

Gov. Hutchinson announces COVID-19 Relief Fund

  Memphis man arrested, accused of violating safer-at-home order

  Restaurant employees struggling to make ends meet amid COVID-19 pandemic

  Nurses struggle on the front line

Man shot, killed in North Memphis

  Arkansas governor resists calls for statewide stay-at-home order

Each state is taking its own approach to combat the spread of COVID-19, but critics say some states like Arkansas should be doing more.

  List: Free meal distribution sites for students and seniors during COVID-19 outbreak

List of meal distribution sites for students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  830 confirmed coronavirus cases in Arkansas; 14 identified in Forrest City correctional facility

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and Dr. Nate Smith, secretary of the Arkansas Department of Health are giving a live update on the COVID-19 crisis in Arkansas.

  FedEx pilots removed from duty following ‘inconclusive’ COVID-19 testing

FedEx has removed some of their pilots from duty after their coronavirus test results were deemed inconclusive.

  TDH reporting 3,633 cases of COVID-19 in Tenn.; Shelby County cases rise to 754

Retail giants limiting amount of shoppers in stores

  Mid-South couple says ‘I do’ with over 100 guests via video chat

  SCHD: Even if you wear a mask, you must strictly follow all other safety measures

  Expert gives virtual lesson in home hair care

  COVID-19 leads to changes at city, state parks

  Ark. governor temporarily restricting out-of-state travelers from staying in hotels, motels

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has issued a new executive order to keep recreational travelers out of the Natural State, as a targeted response to COVID-19.

  Tennessee COVID-19 cases top 3,300; 43 deaths reported

Shelby County COVID-19 cases are still on the rise with the Shelby County Health Department reporting 66 new cases. The county’s total now sits at 706.

  TDOC reports Hickman County inmate tests positive for coronavirus

An inmate assigned to the Turney Center Industrial Complex in Only, Tennessee has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

  NCRM hosting virtual commemoration for 52nd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death

COVID-19 has prompted the National Civil Rights Museum to change plans and turn to a virtual commemoration Saturday.

  Health department issues directive, ordering all non-essential businesses to close

Shelby County health officials are tightening the rules even further by demanding all non-essential businesses to close down.

  Memphis man shares his experience after recovering from coronavirus

A majority of people who test positive for COVID-19 do recover from the illness. A Memphis man who survived the virus is now discussing the effects of the disease.

  The Investigators: What you need to know about Tennessee and Mississippi’s ‘stay-at-home’ and ‘shelter-in-place’ orders

What you need to know about Tennessee and Mississippi’s ‘stay-at-home’ and ‘shelter-in-place’ orders

  Health department working with nursing homes ahead of COVID-19 surge

Shelby County Health Department Director Alisa Haushalter said older people who are ill might not present initially with the most common symptom of fever.

  Local authorities enforcing Gov. Bill Lee’s ‘stay-at-home’ order

Governor Bill Lee has strengthened his executive order to require Tennesseans to stay at home, after saying recent data showed an increase of dangerous activity. For local law enforcement, the stricter order provides some challenges.

  Breweries get ready for another weekend of delivering a sense of normalcy

Like their one-time taproom sales, local breweries are reporting a slight uptick of curbside and delivery orders on the weekends.

  ‘Shelter-in-Place’ order now in effect for Mississippians

Governor Tate Reeves says if people comply with this order, it could stop the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  FedEx CEO takes major pay cut amid coronavirus outbreak

The CEO, chairman, and founder of FedEx is taking a major pay cut during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  City of Bartlett extends state of emergency order to avoid large gatherings at parks

Just two weeks after declaring a state of emergency and requiring many businesses to close due to coronavirus concerns, the mayor of Bartlett is now extending that order to avoid large gatherings at parks.

  Tennessee coronavirus cases now top 3,000; 37 deaths reported

The City of Memphis has announced 640 cases of COVID-19 and 7 deaths across Shelby County.

  All Tennessee state parks to close due to coronavirus concerns

In support of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s executive order, The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation will close all 56 state parks effective April 4.

  WATCH: Infectious disease expert at Memphis hospital answers questions about COVID-19

Dr. Steve Threlkeld is co-director of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis’ infectious prevention program.

  Collierville firefighters suiting up to battle spread of COVID-19

Firefighters with the Collierville Fire Department are suiting up to battle the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

ADH: 11 more lives lost to flu, death toll now stands at 105

The Arkansas Department of Health reported Friday, April 3, that 11 more people died in the last week due to influenza.

  Best Life: My family has COVID-19 - Keep it from spreading at home

If one member of the family has COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive, it’s almost guaranteed the rest of the family will follow, right? Some of the country’s top docs say not necessarily.

  Best Life: Sports spreading COVID-19?

Exercise, particularly outdoors, has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as improve your mood.

  Memphis shopping center is new site for COVID-19 overflow hospital

Governor Bill Lee said Thursday patients facing less serious symptoms in Memphis will be housed at an open space located at the Gateway Shopping Center on Jackson Avenue.

  Nurses coming out of retirement to help fight COVID-19

Personal protective equipment has been in short supply, but will there be enough medical staff across the country to care for millions of sick patients? Help may soon be on the way.

  Memphis rappers feed hundreds of families impacted by COVID-19

Some local rappers are helping to bankroll a food truck giveaway for families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and they're not done giving.

  Gov. Bill Lee signs order requiring Tennesseans to stay home

Days after signing an executive order to close all non-essential businesses statewide, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee is now requiring all Tennesseans to stay home unless they are carrying out essential activities.

  The Investigators: Will your home insurance cover you working from home?

Hippo Insurance spoke with the WMC Action News 5 Investigators about what you need to know about working from home.

  Nutrition expert shares healthy snack and dinner ideas to try at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Healthy snack and dinner ideas to try while at home during the coronavirus

  Why are cities issuing orders after the governor’s shelter-in-place order?

Local leaders add to Governor Reeves' executive shelter-in-place order.

  Rural communities cope with COVID-19

Metro areas are not the only places feeling the effects of the coronavirus -- rural communities are too.

Pink Up: How does the coronavirus impact people with cancer?

One Heartland doctor said cancer patients are more at risk of getting coronavirus.

  Mississippi officials trying to prevent COVID-19 from overwhelming health care system

Governor Tate Reeves’ executive order will close amusement parks, playgrounds and museums, but walking trails will stay open. The governor has asked Mississippians to only venture out for essentials and to continue social distancing.

  Former Grizzlies star donates $10,000 to help feed Shelby County students and families during COVID-19 crisis

Zack Randolph has donated $10,000 to the Mid-South Food Bank, providing Shelby County Schools’ students and families a new mobile food pantry during the COVID-19 crisis.

  Health department: You must isolate at home while waiting on COVID-19 test results

“We all need to get the message out that this is serious. I’ve been practicing for 40 years. This is the biggest epidemic I’ve ever been involved in. This is a once in a lifetime epidemic,” said Alisa Haushalter, Shelby County Health Department director.

  Tennessee reports 2,845 COVID-19 cases and 32 deaths; 7 deaths in Shelby County, according to health dept.

The City of Memphis is reporting two new deaths and 141 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Shelby County as of Thursday morning.

  2nd Kroger warehouse employee tests positive for COVID-19

A second Kroger associate working in the Delta Division Distribution Center has tested positive for COVID-19.

30,000 Mississippians file for unemployment in 1 week as virus takes toll on economy

Gov. Reeves described the coronavirus as both a health and economic disaster for the U.S. and Mississippi alike.

  Thousands of dollars raised for Memphis’ furloughed, laid-off workers

In two weeks, the Community Foundation has collected more than $700,000 for its Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund. In just a matter of days, furloughed and laid-off workers can have some of that money in their hands.

Gov. Reeves reveals why gun stores are considered essential business in Miss.

Americans purchased two million guns last month alone, the second highest month for gun sales ever, according to The New York Times.

  Teen charged in deadly shooting of pregnant Brownsville woman

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has now identified the 17-year-old charged in connection with a deadly shooting that took the life of a pregnant woman last year in Brownsville.

  Social Security recipients will automatically receive stimulus check

The Treasury announced in a reversal Wednesday, that Social Security beneficiaries who typically do not file a tax return will automatically receive the $1,200 payment.

  Shop local: See what businesses are open or list your business here

WMC Action News 5 has launched a new website to help support local businesses.

2 inmates in Forrest City test positive for coronavirus

Authorities have confirmed two coronavirus cases at a local prison in Arkansas.

Officers open fire on suspect after he slammed into vehicles on Goodman Road, according to deputies

Authorities in DeSoto County are investigating after an officer-involved shooting was reported early Thursday morning.

  Best Life: Avoid the COVID ‘15’- Don’t gain weight in lockdown

You heard about the Freshman 15, but what about the COVID 15?

  Best Life: Coronavirus scams - April fools and frauds

Don’t be a fool this April Fools.

  The Investigators: Mississippi counties hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic

New data obtained by WMC Action News 5 shows parts of Mississippi have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Arkansas sees complications with unemployment claims

People like Amanda are seeing the direct effects of that.

  Shelby County increases ambulance cleaning amid coronavirus outbreak

Making sure those who treat the sick don't get sick themselves is the challenge facing police and fire departments all across America.

  ’Shelter-in-Place’ order coming to Mississippi; Rural towns face unique challenges

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed an executive order Wednesday mandating all non-essential employees to shelter in place.

  Cooper-Young artist dies from COVID-19

Health officials say three people have died from coronavirus in Shelby County since the outbreak began. One of those patients was a popular artist in the Cooper-Young community.

Retired nurses may be needed to help deal with coronavirus outbreak in Mississippi

Volunteer nurses and others with medical training may be needed to help deal with a wave of coronavirus patients in Mississippi.

  Collins Chapel Connection Hospital offers facility for potential patients

One historic Memphis hospital is offering its facility in the fight against COVID-19.

  Mid-South restaurants stepping up to feed health care workers

While many restaurants have fallen on tough times due to the spread of COVID-19, some are taking it upon themselves to step up and help feed hospital workers.

  SCHD releases name of assisted-living facility with COVID-19 outbreak after facility declines to publicly identify itself

Monday the Shelby County Health Department announced it was investigating an outbreak of COVID-19 at a Memphis assisted-living facility. After days of not releasing the name of the facility, the health department did so Wednesday morning.

  SCSO employee who works with youth detainees tests positive for COVID-19

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office says an SCSO employee who works with youth detainees at the Juvenile Court Detention Center has tested positive for COVID-19.

  My 3 Subs Podcast creates simulated Memphis 901 FC broadcast during coronavirus hiatus

My 3 Subs Podcast creates a simulated Memphis 901 FC match to entertain fans during coronavirus hiatus.

  Additional restrictions at city parks, county warns social distancing violators

Doctors say one important way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is to avoid large gatherings. But that’s becoming increasingly difficult to do.

  Tennessee reports more than 2,600 COVID-19 cases, 24 deaths; Shelby County has 497 cases

Tennessee now has 2,683 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, according to the Tennessee Department of Health. That’s up from 2,239 cases Tuesday.

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Here’s a quick rundown on all the different ways you can watch “School on TV."